Not Nostalgic / Poem by NilavroNill Shoovro

Poem by NilavroNill Shoovro
Not Nostalgic
An opportunity forward
Or an eventuality backward
Only with any experience
Of stumbling, can measure
The life, how to go along
Reconciling with shame
Reconciling with fame
Reconciling with game
Reconciling with blame
Nothing is nostalgic
In the center of the rule
Mr. Darwin got the clue
All other sensations are
Like infections, disease
Harvested by the poets…
Let’s go to the bed
Let’s finished it for today
Let’s not be ashamed
Let’s not be afraid
Let’s follow the rule…
Whatever I say to you
Whatever you say to me
Doesn’t make any sense
Either in words or in belief
Only the rules prevail
In the center of the story
Everything is naked
And nudity needs nothing
To hide, nothing to pride
In our Neolithic night…
It is hard to conceive, yes
It is hard to accept even
It is hard to rule out still
It is hard to fathom deep
It is hard to conclude though
Whenever I look at you
Or you set your eyes on me
Like the super powers
Striving to extend the empires
Or like the seeds to grow
Nothing poetic in it, or
Beyond. Nothing holy or
Paradise in making. No…
Only an opportunity to grab
Or an eventuality to happen…
19th November’ 2020

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