Armando Noriega (Mexico)

Armando Noriega (Mexico)
Armando Noriega is Journalist, poet and cultural promoter. Director of the Cultural Mood Magazine; organizer of different cultural festivals such as the University Festival of Literature and Arts and the International Festival of Culture and Arts. Published in the book “Blue Letters and Golden Emotions”, V literary anthology of CCH professors by UNAM and President of the International Association of Art and Culture.
Habitual crime
Sorry for the shorthand
discreet longing
innocent legend
crossing the
wish of
deprive someone else
I hesitate the will
of wicked decisions
agreed upon in insane
I explore our
in light of wakefulness
with the blame
bed sheets.
Words are stingy. Just in which one judges to be possessor of these,
chewing a shrewd attack, they dissolve into nothingness.
They are resurrected as they are no longer needed.
On the border that dissolves the ink from the paper,
between desperate wailing,
they fade into the muteness of thought.
Deception of a life without longing
Have you contemplated
disturb the sea
a stealthy morning
about tragic outcome
of your desire to follow
the game
in that trance
internal bustles quarrel
which war warriors
for giving you a last trick
to escort you
in the ring?

Translated from Spanish to English by Mercedes Soto

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