Poems by Hasije Selisha Kryeziu

Poems by Hasije Selisha Kryeziu
The rock
Its song is the rumble of the sea
Growing with it
All the winds bestow its power.
The water flows through the holes
In the core the source is resolved
Along with the sea’s rumble
Through the ages you change the color
Imperial close to the sea
Near it the depths
Big rock
The rock parted.
My rock
My land
My sky
My people
The clock hands in silence
I see
Only the sky
My bird flied away.
The Moment
When I was drooped
I closed
All the doors
Not a hole remained
And I greeted
All the paintings
Let me alone
In silence
To look up
The fire burning.
The Abandoned house
There was an abandoned house
Abandoned by all
From outside it was beautiful
Whereas inside gloomy
Those passing by were tempted
To go inside
Those who went inside
Could never get out
The hoar paints
The naked silence
On the walls
Dreams come and go
At the wasted road
Along with
The new scattered

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