In The Morgue / Poem by NilavroNill Shoovro

Poem by NilavroNill Shoovro
In The Morgue
They remained busy
With their scheduled job
Trying to fathom the truth
With their tools and intuitions
I remained very much obedient
Perhaps just like the nude models
Infront of a sculptor. Nothing to do
Only to watch them, trying to fathom deep…
First, they took out the heart
Examined it thoroughly
With genuine interest,
How it behaved before going to the
Indefinite strike, like the union leaders
And why the strike was the last resort
For a heart, remained loyal to me
For all these years, like bonded labors…
Then they tried with the
Other allies, used to work together
To keep me functional. All these years
I remained immobile and motionless
Calm as any hermit in seclusions
Meditating but not for the self…
I was watching their hands and the tools
I was watching their experienced eyes…
Perhaps they knew, perhaps they found
Few pairs of experienced eyes
Hovering upon me inside those closed doors
Talking undertone with each other
I had nothing to prove …
I had nothing to discuss…
I had nothing to conceal…
I had nothing to disclose…
25th November’ 2020

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