Woman / Poem by Eden Soriano Trinidad

Poem by Eden Soriano Trinidad
Tell me, what makes you truly happy?
O, a woman of this century.
I do not care how many
mouths you have to feed.
Have a heart.
Take care of yourself.
You deserve to be always looking gorgeous, young, and wild.
Pamper yourself, O woman,
Yes, that’s right,
While giving all to nurture
Your sweet abode.
Give yourself too
An hour or two,
To pamper yourself
Until the crown of your glory shine.
You are a woman
The supermom, the sister in law, the wifey
The best friend, the stern tutor, the nurturing nurse
The breadwinner and the house maker.
The Woman, the Queen.
It is you, O woman, that makes or breaks,
a family.
You are a woman
You deserve chocolates,
Rubies and pearls,
Roses and fine dining.
Copyright: Eden Soriano Trinidad

2 thoughts on “Woman / Poem by Eden Soriano Trinidad

  1. Classic example
    Sunday,29th November 2020

    O, goddess of mother earth
    we have unstinted faith
    to take a peaceful breath,
    regardless of a death threat

    under your shelter
    we feel safer
    even if that causes you indignation
    we have a powerful bond and relation

    It is you alone
    who has brought heaven
    on this beautiful and lovely land
    and to decor it till an end

    you are a classic example of patience
    it always reassures our existence
    whether it is costing your honour
    or mistreating you here

    you are unique figure on this planet
    and lets
    an entire universe
    to receive kindness from you

    Dr Jadia Hasmukh

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