Poem by Ibrahim Honjo
This night in my eyes
making a rainbow from the moonlight
drops dead stars
on their long journey
through my swollen dreams
now I am certain
each death shines differently
and has its own diffusion of colour
I accidentally killed at least a million stars
with my swollen eyes while I watched you
distant and mysterious
in the mirror of the blue river
and listened as you sang a song
about dead stars
intertwined iridescently
in another constellation
I was actually a million times dead
in each deceased star
leaving purple
red, yellow and white marks
and thousands of tracks in other colours
until I arrived at you
and your strange songs
that made this night magic
it seemed to me that with you were singing
through millions of dead stars
and in your voice and the spilled over chirps
of all worldly songbirds
I was born again
every birth shines differently
every life is original
and dies its own unique death
and each death vibrates with its own colour
your poem elevated me
to the top of the universe
now I am floating above the river
and multiply as a word
that travels from mouth to mouth
from one ear to another
living its own special majesty
this meeting is alive with magic colours
where we spontaneously unite
and now we appear together in every rainbow
in each galaxy
everything has its colours and symphonies
but we see and hear them differently
a unique feel and experience
please, take a deep breath
revive the stars in my eyes
let their shine light you up
in the mirror of the blue river
that gives life..
and it will be enough
Ibrahim Honjo, from my book “How to touch eternity down the Mahalla” 2016

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