Poems by Teuta Sadiku

Poems by Teuta Sadiku
A little ant
I do not fit at my height nor in the breadth
Nowhere in words,
nor to what I am thinking.
My supervisor tells me to think a little more.
And I feel an animal,
elephant sometimes
right now a little ant
with a seed on the back.
Thousands of similarities
they kick me,
with the point of shoes shook me the others
but also me I do the same with others
but with myself too.
You will find all three of us sitting there at the tables
Me, myself and that other cheeky one
I walk and meet the scary Yes
The self, as always, walks where the wind blows
The other cheeky one with her stubborn No.
I took a coffee and looked away from myself
Which as an effect that is ordered hot tea
And that other foot on foot a glass of wine.
We talked daily. and our rumors were boiling
Until late in the evening my life.
It is like a bicycle without brakes
and I where I could not fix it.
It’s raining tonight,my darling
The sky is crying
I want to break the moon in two
Do not kill my dream
It’s all I have left
The most expensive.
What color to use
To paint the world
The weather is monochrome.
There is a drop tear in your eyes
It breaks silence
Your look is a knife
In a pieces my soul cut.

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