A Ghost Story / Poem by NilavroNill Shoovro

Poem by NilavroNill Shoovro
A Ghost Story
That longer shadow
Of a perpetual ghost
Always following me
With every step
Perhaps would like
To put her frozen hands
Inside my heart
Stuffed with closed chapters
Of forlorn memories
Of bygone days…
I don’t know her
Can’t see her face
Perhaps she looks through
All my hidden agendas
Or maybe actually part
Of those. No, I’m not sure
At all.
I’m not even sure of her identity
I don’t know for whom she works
Or is it her solo performance?
Who’ll let me know?
Who’ll give me more information?
No, I don’t know
Every day, with every breath
Too confidential to disclose
I can feel those frozen touches
Of her cold and dead hands
Of her determination,
So confirmed and confident
Well planned and well organized
Those frozen hands
Too delicate, too soft
Too silent, too gentle
And I don’t know
How to respond…
How to go along…
With…or without…
29th November’ 2020

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