Dinos Koubatis (Greece)

Dinos Koubatis (Greece)
Dinos Koubatis was born in Athens. He studied Theater, French Philology and Journalism. As an actor and director he has worked in various parts of the world, such as Greece, France, Belgium, Canada, Albania and has won many international awards, such as the “Ionesco International Award” for all his directing work. He has founded the International Theater Festival “Art without Borders”, the International Festival of Inter-Balkan Theater, the Experimental Theater Center, and other theatrical organizations. In the field of Letters he has distinguished himself as a writer, essayist, poet and novelist. One of his essays and three historical novels have become bestsellers and have been nominated for the State Prize for Literature. He has been named Professor of Byzantine Studies at the University of Valencia, is an honorary member of international intellectual institutions and has won many international distinctions and gold medals for his work. His works are the subject of university dissertations at the Universities of Warsaw, Tirana and Zurich. It has been translated in many countries of the world. 32 of his books have been published in Greece, France, Canada, Poland, Kosovo and Albania, while thirty of his plays have been staged. He has collaborated in newspapers, radio and television.
I kept the hopes all, in my soul,
and their hearts beat I recruited
in the submission of my spirit.
History’s root alive me
and the continuation of the human race
that I fell madly in love with life,
I entered the fight and fought.
For the good of the Manhood I have suffered,
for the soul the indestructible continuity,
for the mind the eternal evolution,
I was in pain as if I saw all the ruins around me.
I rose through the ashes,
with faith and strength I was armed
and I set out for new conquests,
to resurrect what was left dead,
to give back the first form
in Life, in Man, in Hope.
At the light of Dawn, the beginning is born
for a new, better world,
full of harmony and consensus.
to Ilirian Zhupa
I find your country’s birds in my country.
In the courtyard of my house with colorful feasts,
thousands of birds sing in Spring
and weeping sadly in Winter …
Throughout the world, birds are hiding in the trees.
Only their thoughts leave for other countries,
In all countries the birds sing an Spring
she never tells her to reach …
Glaucopian, with blue eyes, daughter,
down from Olympus * the palaces,
Goddess, in the name of Athena *, daughter of Zeus *
Poseidon * to fight
for the city’s name.
And he, the ruler, the defiant of the sea,
the trident tapped on the rock of the Acropolis *
and salty water sprang,
where the people admired the miracle,
however, water from the sea,
how to serve them and what?
She, God of War and Wisdom,
the spear hit the rock
and the tree of the olive emerged.
At that time, the citizens thought and saw
the difference, and appreciated it,
and cutting branches of olive, from its tree,
they were crowning her divine face
and “Polyada” * have proclaimed it,
protector of their city
which they named, for her sake, “Athens”.
And this, for their love
and their appreciation,
with the branches of her tree
the Olympians * hoped to crown
and of the fruit of the oil to drain,
gift of life, gold in color
like the sun the light that life
to Man gives.

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