Fate has got rusty wheels / Poem by Sihem Cherif

Poem by Sihem Cherif
Fate has got rusty wheels
The pram I never pushed
The boat I never sailed.
Both have rusty wheels
Both grinned and smiled
Kept whizzing, squeaking
wrestling with the wind
And the wind gets strong,
The stronger the whiff blows
The sooner I chirp a song
A chant to ease and release
My vulnerable caged bird
A prisoner for ages
Pleading to the deaf world
sending peace messages
sneering at the sky that would glare
And me, me in my corner
In the middle of nowhere
who shall smear my wound
who shall heal my scar
I never know, who gets a concern
And who shall care
All that I know, is that
Only my inner self would erect
The castle of my “bonheur”
@ sihem cherif 1 12 2020

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