Marching On / Poem by NilavroNill Shoovro

Poem by NilavroNill Shoovro
Marching On
With the air still polluted
For greed and for vanity…
And of being human, yes
I’m rather Confused
About my own words
Murmuring undertones…
And there, the lady…
Walking With her fiancé,
Still smiling like an idiot
Although she knows it well
When to open up the legs
To keep track with the time
And the man putting flowers
On her grave, believing in
Divine love. Yet to masturbate
Beyond midnight or to dial in
For cheap hookers worth few bucks
Nonetheless, need to sleep well
Stream of poisoned revolutions
Or rigged elections, hoisting the
Flag of democracy everywhere
Or the couple lying side by side
Naked with private secrets, still
Figuring out the balance sheets
Each day, understanding causes
Much pains or alarms all around
Each day, both reasons and mind
Confuse each other in tandem
Each day, even if I wait for you
You would certainly keep me waiting
Only for a decent future, I know
I can inflict harm on you or others
Or how easily you too can go beyond
Your words without lamenting either
With the air polluted, you and me…
Both know how to march forward…
1st December’ 2020

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