Poems by Godwin Aleke

Poems by Godwin Aleke
In endless count of roll formed the line
Tattered and unclear were their faces
In solidarity dirge were the
Numberless number of young
Above all the cities joints they gathered
In humorous chant their voices filled the air
Days in laters come the firing light that make
the blood flow
Numberless heap are the wasted souls of the rising sun
Radiating were the sparklen blood that painted the sky
Hopeless were the dawn noon.
Above the headlines carry number of dead roll
In grip of fear and tears they
drink from the cup of sorrow
Quest for equal right caused
the blood of their children in endless tears
In tears with broken heart we kneeled
Gazing at dead heap of youths
Beyond the dead land gone you
Gone are the days when Justice see light
Gone are the days when the truth see the light
At the risen of you sun
I clinch my eye in petal
As the rays rise above abode
Behind the mountain hills
I stand as the sun peep
Coloured were the rays of the
Morning light above the sky
Darrkly were the falling lines of platinum roll
Woozy were the cutting edge in the
dark glow as eyes pour down dew
to deeping the earth
Behind ears echoes the voice of
eternal as I ebb in eyes
Revolved was the chilley air at my resting rolling rest
Closing in distant I watched the
rolling wave at pouchour cliff
Restless was the sun moving up and down
As Nation youths kneeled in tears to count their losses
Truly the sun set in the city
Mother Earth
Beyond my shadow stands the tripod image
That symbolizes the identity of you.
Coming of you were the gathering of joy and happiness
Yet unknown were the appointed days for the count.
Through your image creates the gathering of the stars
To complement the dark shadow.
Sick sick is my soul for the constantly
Beholding your tripod image lie waste without
My reach hand
Between the star and moon I place my pride
Moving toward the sun is my heel speed
Yet beyond my shadow stands you to
Ligates the dazzling hope
Sitting at the moon shadow doubles the
strength of the flying Eagle to saddle
Appendent Sophia hill
Beyond abode is seeking unknown
Creature to abase the pinnacle tripod shadow
Dwelling at the sojourn creates the top hill
crash tarry, yet you stand bug off days come
Acme is capstone crescendo that spur
Your tripod feet.

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