Poems by Lilian Woo

Poems by Lilian Woo
The enchanting view of Mount Fuji
A lovely scene with white beauty
Mountain mist and dense silvery
The winds whispering into melody
The peak is inviting and breathtaking
Soft snowflakes dazzlingly falling
In a cold, freezing winter day
The snow carpets the pathway
Relishing the soft breeze is a bliss
Feel the tender touch and chilling kiss
Bask in the fresh fragrance air
Capture the enthralling view everywhere
Trees are dancing in graceful movement
Enjoy the mesmerising moment
Everywhere is coated with white splendour
My eyes view the sight with grandeur
The sun is brilliantly smiling
Blazing rays of light are shining
Sakura blossoms starting to bloom
Decorating the mountain in full groom.
In the splendour of the starry sky
Serene moon illuminates the night sky
My heart palpitates at your sight
Igniting the flames and bring delight
Your luscious eyes captured my attention
Your alluring smile stirs up my emotion
We shared a unique bonding
My love for you is overflowing
The music of love beats in my heart
Essence of love I impart
In your eyes I see our dream
Together we would make our life’s stream
If your heart has a place for me only
Our souls will interlace completely
To you my heart is clinging
Every moment of time I’m yearning
If you think I am your woman, at my instance
If you desire to smell my love fragrance
Walk with me with a dream and vision
We will journey to reach our destination.
Glorious dawn awakes the flowers
Blossoms in various shades and colours
Glistening dew drops kissing the petals
Sweet nectar storing deep and nestles
Captivated by the enthralling hues of dawn
Touched by the sparkling lights that adorn
Nature drenched in blissful morning
The fragrant breeze is enticing
What a delight to witness the sunrise
Pristine rays of light that shine
Shimmering like diamonds glamorously
The scattered painting of the sky is heavenly
Bask in the tranquil warmth of serenity
Relish the panoramic scenery of beauty
Ethereal moments engulfed my whole being
Listen to resonate melody when the birds sing
Above the mountain, over the valley
The sunflowers are blooming beautifully
Magnificent sun adorns the celestial sky
A flock of birds joyfully flutter and fly.

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