Poems by Elo M. Rivera

Poems by Elo M. Rivera
Wounded anguish collects
The demise of the runaway soul
The oblivion that just hits
Ironically swallows the pain …
On his knees he spins his forged destiny
Because that’s life, they say.
The days play their fucking game
Inseparable routine that you offend
When you don’t know how to ask for forgiveness
Lucky in the day you wallow
And miserable the night becomes.
Don’t forget where you are from
On any corner are
The dogs that bark cheap,
Cloudy feeling that freezes
In the one who flies so low.
Who like your cruel star
That you eat stolen delicacies,
You have so much paper on the outside
and of what use is it unfortunate,
When time reaches you alone
At dusk you are stunned …
How much lost faith walks
How much do you have in your pockets?
Cowardice has a price
And the salary is not enough for you.
What you wear does not exceed your eagerness
Your flowers will wither …
Your truth will never rest
You will live with your prostitute word
And there dead in life, you will dream of me.
AUTHOR: Elo Rivera, Ecuadorian Poet
Occasional edema becomes
Because of your lip syndrome,
a sensual ecchymosis is dilated.
Classic signs skyrocket
A bruise in full gaze,
The heartbeat increases.
Thoughts throb without shame
They fracture the chimera that I keep
The color of my face has changed.
A chronic flight in silence
Cala the indiscreet affection …
Chase a veiny madness.
Symptoms often …
I’m short of breath in my chest
I can’t take this pressure anymore.
An escape without footprints takes a risk
Your illness worsens in me …
and without a doubt you are my capsule.
With blood deep in the veins
I tell you that my treatment depends on you,
Kissing you has been a fatal blow to my heart.
Poemaio: The RED OASIS.
Author: Elo M. Rivera
Ecuadorian poet
Stone smile
Footprints trails that screamed
a truth with scary salts
pretexts with thousands of roots
pains that were inherited
Everything led to the pit of the same taste.
Always in the same corner
desperate as a rat
hoping in darkness
the feeling was consumed
You are useless! You are crazy!
The winds that haunted
they dilated a volatile body
numb in her cave
fragile as crumpled paper
she dropped into the abyss of silence.
In what way got lost
her twisted tear fell silent
her law lay her misery
and the sun in her bed burned her,
all believed the flower was dead.
They covered the rainy days
around her heartbeat three seeds
her heart never stopped beating
that look took strength
got up and healed her wounds.
Took the mirror from the scar
and among the ivy she galloped again
recovered the stone smile
their silk garments showed
How beautiful and unique you are WOMAN!
At the end of the sunset I rejoice
I trace this idyll without vigor
Love me without mitigating knots
And torture me without respite.
Slowly polishes the canvas
Let the hidden ring
That buries my quarrels
That strengthens the docile look.
Sweet job that you investigate
It rains in this shrewd body
Glorify a lone loft
Show off this anxiety
Ambitious dawn tastes
Breast skin fury
A slow fire says that lethargy
That saga euphoric heart.
Vigil blanket that aromas
Drop by drop this madrigal
Saeta my pedestal in caresses
And gather my campfire in kisses.
All rights reserved

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