Metin Cengiz (Turkey)

Metin Cengiz (Turkey)
Metin Cengiz, short bio: Poet and writer (b. 3 May 1953, Göle-Kars). He wrote particularly on the problems of poetry. His poems are translated into nearly 40 languages and his book has been published in 14 languagaes. He wrote 18 poetry book and 16 theorical and essay books. He has received numerous prestigious awards in his country and other countries.
Metin Cengiz: Poet and writer (b. 3 May 1953, Göle). He wrote particularly on the problems of poetry. He attended numerous International festivals and symposiums. Her poems have been translated into more than thirty languages.
Collected poems 1, 2008, Collected poems 2, 2010; Images are my home, 2011; States of the world, 2013; Sorrowful Poems, 2015; Poems for Mercan, 2018; Life is dream, 2018.
ESSAY-CRITICISM-STUDY: He wrote theoretical and study books on over twenty poems. Some:
Modernism and Our Modern Poery, 2002; Poetry, Language, Language of Poetry and Poetic Meaning, 2006, Globalisation, Postmodernism and Literature, 2007; What is image? 2009; Culture and poetry, 2010, Philosophy and poetry, 2010; Thought of poetry in Plato and Aristotle 2012; Poetry and criticism 2018, Read the poem through the effect 2019, The writings of the street (Poetic correspondance), with Celal Soycân (2019)
1-Behçet Necatigil Poetry Award in 1966 with his book The Book of Songs) 2-Melih Cevdet Anday Poetry Award in 2010 with his book Collected poems 1and collected poems 2 3-Tudor Arghezi İnternational Poetry Award in 2011 (Romania). 4- He is received the Literature Prize of the city of Mersin in 2014, one of Turkey’s most prestigious award 5-Mihai Eminescu International Poetry Award 2018, Craiova-Romania 6-Awarding the laureate, “Year of the essay” International Mediterranean Academy “Brothers Miladinovci” 2019, Struga-Makedonya.
1- After A Deluge/Bir Tufan Sonrası (2006, translated by Gérard Augustin, back cover post, Gérard Augustin, “Harmattan” Paris-Fransa)
2-Poemas Escogidos/Selected poems/Seçme Şiirler (2013, translated by Jaime B. Rosa, Liber Flactory, Madrid/Spain, bilingual)
3-Povremeno/Gün Olur (2014, translated by Avdija Salkoviç, Narodna Biblioteka “Dostitej Obradovic, Novi /Serbia)
4- Fekete És Fehér (2015, translated by Attila Balaz, “Ab-Art”, Budapeşte/ Macaristan)
5-Mat Troi Tinh Khiet/The Pure Sun/Saf Güneş (2015, translated by Nguyen Thi Tuyet Ngan, Nha Xuat Bân Hoi Nha Van/ Hanoi-Vietnamese, bilingual)
6- Duet of Nights/Gece Düeti (2015, translated by Mariko Sumikura, with Akira Asuka’s poems, common book, Japon Universal Poets Association, Kyoto/ Japan, bilingual)
7-Poems for love and revolution /Aşk ve Devrim İçin Şiirler (Translated by divers turkish hands, 2017, presantation: Jacque Hirschman, CC. Marimbo, Berkeley, California)
8-Canticos de amor/Aşk İlahileri (Translated by Rafael Patino Goez, presantation: Rafael Patino Goez, 2017, Silaba)
9-Il Colore Dell’Oscurita/Karanlığın Rengi (translated by Laura Garavaglia, presantation: Laura Garavaglia, 2017, LietoColl)
10- Preludiu Pentru O Noapte La Kars/Kars’ta Bir Gece Vakti İçin Prelüdler (Çeviri: Niculina Oprea Bucuresti, 2018, Timpul, back cover photo: Jose Luis Labad; presantation: Marius Chelaru)
11-Obrazy sa moja ojczyzna/İmgeler Benim Yurdum (translated by Alicja Kuberska, Night in Gale, 2019)
12-Tisti vrt v moji domiš/Evimdeki Bahçe (translated: Erna Pačnik, 2019, Beletrina)
13-Savaş Her Yerde/ हर जगह युद्ध है/har jagah yuddh hai (translated by Mani Mohan, 2020 Bodhi Prakashan’ Jaipur, India)
14- E Ş Q İL A H I L Ə R İ/Aşk İlahileri (Translated by Oktay Hacimusali, 2013, Bakü)
Wherever, whenever it was I forgot
Grasses scorched by the sun
Trees and their shadows melting
Wind breathed into its raki, drank it up
No scent of wild rose
No song of the grasshopper
Just her voice ringing in my ears.
Just her eyes over the never-ending steppe.
The horizon grew red with her, the sun
Danced her light over our heads.
Summer since I last saw her.
Summer since I learned I had a heart.
But she was composing another song
One that life had already written for her.
I am asleep
Sharing the same fate as the tree in the garden
On its branches the light sleep of birds
On my branches thoughts the night has bestowed
I wake up
In my dream the hungover cool of rain
Yesterday the sun held its breath
And slept in the shade of my thoughts
I know
There in the dark
A mole is tearing at your heart
As if it were turning the soil upside down
In the sun of the night
Your scarf of flame round your neck
It comes down the road you walk
And like some night bird
I bind myself to pain’s sturdy rope
To bear myself into some riddle
Here, in the dark
I know, the road will warm my bones
Even if it hangs me out like a sheet in the wind.
-These poems are from the last book of the poet called Life is a dream and was translated into English by Neil Patrice Doherty.
Neil P. Doherty, 1972’de Dublin, İrlanda’da doğdu. 1995’ten beri İstanbul’da oturuyor. Bilgi Üniversitesi’nde öğretim görevlisi olarak çalışıyor. Hem Türk hem de İrlanda şiirinden çeviri yapıyor.
Neil Patrice Doherty: Neil P. Doherty is a translator born in Dublin, Ireland in 1972 who has resided in Istanbul since 1995. He currently teaches in Bilgi University. He is a freelance translator of both Turkish and Irish poetry.

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