FAKE DREAMS… / Poem by Ana Toma

Poem by Ana Toma
It’s difficult to forgive and follow someone
Who simply cannot lead;
And keeps promising, promising more lies,
By changing map of dreams.
It’s difficult to love and be with someone
Who don’t know what he needs;
The sky got grays and covered pain,
All heartaches disappeared…
It’s difficult to think that you were made of stone,
It will break children’s heart in two;
For all she has left from past right now,
Are nightmares , when thinking of you!
It was difficult to live with a full time ghost
For over 20-years!
His brain was empty, and all his lies
Reflected in fake dreams …
Dec. 16, 2020
5:34 a.m.
Cheshire, CT 🇺🇸

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