SECRET STAMP / Poem by Marija Najthefer Popov

Poem by Marija Najthefer Popov
As punishment
I carry my mark within me.
I scratch persistently
the same place in your dungeon,
hoping to release
just a little tenderness,
to kiss me with passion
and satisfy the wicked wishes
buried deep inside me.
Only to you
I will not reveal myself
because I am afraid of hunter in you.
You are not aware of him
but he shoots
all the apparent coldness in me.
I am not going to confined
even in the poem
because you do not understand her either.
You are not strong enough
to overcome and come to me.
Like both of us are punished.
Both of us.
We carry the same marks
but do not recognize each other
of the fire,
madness of desire.
We are afraid
to pill the marks off
to the bare bone
and be liberated.
I will not say anything more.
The secret should not be talked about.
I wear mine seemingly with no response.
You burn in yours
or say something
or remain in suspicion.

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