Lidia Chiarelli (Italy)

Lidia Chiarelli (Italy)
Lidia Chiarelli is one of the Charter Members of Immagine & Poesia, the art literary Movement founded in Torino (Italy) in 2007 with Aeronwy Thomas, Dylan Thomas’ daughter.
Installation artist and collagist. Coordinator of #DylanDay in Italy (Turin).
She has become an award-winning poet since 2011 and she was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from The First International Poetry Festival of Swansea (U.K.) for her broadside poetry and art contribution.
Six Pushcart Prize (USA) nominations.
Her writing has been translated into different languages and published in Poetry magazines, and on web-sites in many countries.
September Dawn in Turin
Not knowing when the dawn will come
I open every door
Emily Dickinson
Silky and dark clouds
flake away
in the distance
the mountain profile
is a frame for the city
still asleep.
Only the Mole Antonelliana*
challenges the sky
of September
and rises high
above noble palaces
to ancient history.
In this motionless hour
a blade of light
tears the sky
shivering in the unreal silence
Turin opens to a new day
*The Mole Antonelliana is a major landmark building in Turin, Italy, named after its architect, Alessandro Antonelli.
Construction began in 1863, soon after Italian unification, and was completed in 1889.
The Enchanted Garden
(remembering Flor 61 Garden in Torino)
Peacocks walked
under the night trees
in the lost moon light
—Lawrence Ferlinghetti
And then there were the lights
that lit
in the garden of a thousand colours.
They lit
warm, vibrant
on the stones of paths
on the petals of tulips
on the water of fountains
caressed by a gentle breeze.
The lights
switched on for me
as I walked
on the flowered avenues
and subtle fragrances
wrapped me up
in the silence of the night
then the flags
moved by the wind
the variegated forms
of an incomplete painting.
Cluster of old memories
that today are recomposing
while I hold tight in my fingers
the last, dried
rose of May
Previously published in: Lidia Chiarelli – Immagine & Poesia – Cross-Cultural Communications, New York 2013
An Evening Sky
A slash of Blue! A sweep of Gray!
Some scarlet patches – on the way –
Compose an evening sky . . .
—Emily Dickinson
So sweet was
the scent of those evenings
our steps invented long distance routes
in the summer gardens
slowly the lights were lit
and competing with the moons and the stars
formed parabolas of light
on the opaque stones of the paths.
Then, life
just begun
seemed to reveal
– just for us –
a sky of unreal colours.
Countless images
(fragments of old memories)
recreate and break
in the weary kaleidoscope
of the mind.
(to my father Guido Chiarelli, pioneer for the lighting projects in Torino in the ‘60s)
(Il Meleto di Guido Gozzano Award, 2012)

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