CHRISTMAS / Poem by Eden S. Trinidad

Poem by Eden S. Trinidad
The happiest season is here again,
shielded faces can’t stop us from recapturing,
that brightest star that led to the three wise men,
to find the Christ that was born in Bethlehem.
Heaven and nature sing;
Joy to the World the Lord has come!
Christmas, it’s Christmas, time to love!
Humanity is wanting for more love.
Christmas carols and Christmas cheers,
wishing to delight the souls in pain,
Whether it is white or blue Christmas,
Shall we invite and offer them an inn.
My grandma never missed a Christmas,
preparing with great care our favorite sweet rice cakes,
And to her eldest grandchild a new dress
to wear every Christmas program in the church.
We feel Christmas is on when our homes
are embellish with lanterns
sparkling hues surround the Christmas trees
with foods and gifts galore.
Well-wishers as well as our FB friends
Shower us with morning salvos
May we share the love for those who are left behind
by the fallen leaves during this autumn time.
Is Christmas then gone due to the crown?
Not! For, Christmas will always be merry
its spirit imparts steadfastness
and gladdens the dishearten
For Christmas brings the message of Peace, Hope, and Love.
Copyright: Eden S. Trinidad
December 20, 2020

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