Enxhi Drapi (Albania)

Enxhi Drapi (Albania)
Enxhi Drapi, born and raised in Tirana, Albania, on August 26, 1999.
Since childhood passionate about poetry and acting.
Student at the Faculty of Law, University of Tirana. Author of the novel “Diku ku dielli nuk perëndon”, which is being positively evaluated by literary critics as well as by readers, due to the special style and authenticity it carries.
The most ideality creature
who sees the surrounding milieu colored
sees the light in the glass eyelid
forgive the gloominess to the forest wolf…
The most kneaded being
with hair raised upwards
and the sorrowed spirit
the frost of feeling extinguishes with light
and …
by night, the pine candle goes away…
Inhabitants of the earth
blame the development of the era
throw the grain of wheat in the fire
let it burn …
and finally we remember to retrieve it!
Has it,
and no one sees…
Holds it to the chest,
looks for it to the field…
Hover in the sky and horizon,
you were thrown into the hands of a worldless man!
Becauce you are a clover…
who turns day into night
Night, symbol of love and secrecy,
and you the symbol of elegance…
We live in a world where you have no place…
Anyone seeks you
and if they find you
thinks you are an item…
Non valueble item…
non eaven as much as a straw basket…
Takes and puts you on
thinks you are of boooty
Because you are a clover…
the one who heals the sick in bad.
Bed symbol of peace and need
and you the symbol of the snow flower…
The vain man can’t value you!
Requires the sound of flowers
to be heared without a microphone…
With tired eyes,
rolls his ears,
and the green flower on his right
begins to despise.
No one has,
and everyone wants it…
Tries to plant her,
waters with ember…
That is your fate..
because you are a clover…
Muse with vices
Somewhere i read a miserable philosopher
“the ego”- he said, in shackles will lead the man!
We seeking so much in the cup of coffee,
with great difficulty, we managed to find a mortality in the sack!
I dream of having a muse with vices next to me!
one of those, which confuse my mornings…
I want to love someone stricly prohibited
the one, who shakes the handcuffs on her hands!
I think incessantly,
and fantasy always leads me to you…
With eyes closed
with a dark handkerchief ,try to get there…
I traipse the streets full of blood,
and i can’t see the rose with eyes…
I dream of having a muse with vices next to me!
Her irritated face wears the yashmak to the sun…
To admire when she disobeys and becomes angry,
and after a while in the chest ask me to take shelter…
I want it to be full of life and firey ego…
and the peace be stick after the firey victory
I love you forbidden curse!
I also accept death if i am infected!
I hurt you and look forward to the victory of your revenge
I rejoice more than you in that dream victoy!
I rejoice more than you in that dream vict
I dream of having a muse with vices next to me
to destroy everyone in parks and squares…
Fantasize to have the one I hurt and destroyed,
to win, and tell that i changed for her!
I want to have that being with me every day,
and leaves in her hands heavens and the planets.
I realise that somewhere deep i had throw you,
the ecpedition group in the spirit had found you.
I want to have that being with me every day
to see her face as she sleeps
and the sun strikes her with ray…
I contemplate it awaking every cell as at the birth,
with longing i touch her lightly,
wakes up and starts moving…
Whose daughter that swore to me with enemy
to strut.. and ask “who is the winner?”
I love the one who has vices!
I can smell her also on the other side of the continent!
I will recall her when to fall into the armed hand of the enemy…
I will tell them that they are scrabies goats
that have fallen from fig!

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