Unfair Employers / Poem by Olfa Philo

Poem by Olfa Philo
Unfair Employers
You’re over there living in your ivory towers
sitting heedlessly on the chair of power
You can both hire and fire…
You can judge who is fit and who is shit…
You can employ recommended ‘cheap’ recruits with no diploma,
as you can ignore competent applicants and drive them to the coma…
You can humilate your subordinate as a sadist,
as you can be understanding & tolerant as a humanist…
You can look down at your employees as mere objects or slaves,
as you can kneel down to feel the tons of burdens buried in their caves…
You can be oblivious of your
staff ‘s performance & devotion,
as you can be grateful for every single sweat exuded for your workplace promotion…
You can mistake your job for a chess game and treat your staff as pawns,
as you can be wise in your decisions and always weigh the pros and cons…
You can dramatize some of your staff’s errors to distort their fame,
as you can trivialize others’ errors and just blame…
You can shoot families as if playing a video game and feel enticed,
as you can soothe their wounds with a touch similar to Christ…
You can denounce a misbehavior and judge it as a calamity,
as you can forgive and announce the General Legislative Amnesty…
You can roar like a lion : “None shall ever deviate from the path of perfection!”
as you can recognize that each one has (somewhere ) a perfect imperfection…
You can promote and responsibilize a wicked, pedophile or drug- addict closer (in their traits )to a wolf or fox,
but fire ruthlessly another for childishly pocketing a watch instead of putting it in the “Lost and Found box”…
You can fire and treat an employee as a terrorist for the intention to take bottles of water from work to home,
yet turn deaf and blind to all the thieves who filled their pockets before leaving the workplace dome…
You can use your chairs to belittle or sexually harass women who refuse (after time) to stay,
what if you had your sons or daughters treated by their bosses in the same way??
You can cut the heads of family providers with a sword,
what if you had your heads cut one day by the FAIR Almighty Lord?
You can shut the mouths of your fired staff with a severence pay,
yet how many expenses will this money cover for a broken & jobless case?
How long will it last? One century and a day?
What about the long years of experience gone astray?
what about their marginalized kids? Shall they just shut up and pray?
What about health insurance?
Whose gonna take them in charge when to illness they fall prey?
What about their pension?whose gonna feed them once senile with hairs turning grey??
I wonder what’s the weather like over there in your planet Mirth?
Haven’t you ever thought of descending to planet Earth??
What are your worries there apart from luxurious homes, cars , parties and food ?
Haven’t you ever felt penniless, cold or hungry as you should?
Have you ever herd the roaring screams of frustrated fathers, mothers & children who have been subject to your injustice ?
Have you ever wiped the tears of
those helpless victims before your normalized corrupt practice?
Your only worry must be to fail in counting ” how much”,
I wonder where your conscience lies in an unfair world as such ??
Unlike self-employed people
(like doctors or architects) who may commit fatal errors yet go unpunished and soon regain fun,
you have the power to murder hundreds of families without using a single visible gun…
Have you ever heard of a tiny object sharper than your swords??
It is called PEN and it can also murder you when silenced truths are put into words…

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