José María Zonta (Costa Rica)

José María Zonta (Costa Rica)
Among others, he has received: The International Award Gabriel Celaya in Spain, with the book Los Elefantes Estorban; The Latin American Award Educa with the book Tres Noviembres; Poetry Award City of Irún, Spain with the book Casarsa; Spanish-AmericanPoetry Award Sor Juana Inés de La Cruz, in Mexico, with the book De La Decadencia. He received the Honorable Mention in the PrizePablo Neruda, Temuco, Chile, with the book La Gramática de Anna O. The XXIV International Poetry Award Antonio Oliver Belmás, Cartagena, Spain, with the book La casa de la condescendencia. Andthe 12º Literary Prize LUIS GARCÍA BERLANGA, Alicante, Spain, with the essay “Zapatos descalzos”.
He has received in Costa Rica the Young Creation Award with his first book La Noche Irreparable, and the National Award three times for the books: “Tres noviembres”, “Lobos en la brisa” y el Libro de la Dinastía de Bambú.
Winner of the Ibero-American Floral Games Award of Tegucigalpa with the book EL LIBRO DE LOS FLAMINGOS.
His Book DE LA DINASTÍA DE BAMBÚobtained the Iberoamerican Award Entreversos, Caracas Venezuela.
Winner with the Book ANTOLOGÍA DE LA DINASTÍA DEL OTOÑO, International Award Miguel Acuña de Poesía, México.
2019 – IV Poetry International Award Gabriel Celaya, Diputación de Gipuskoa, with the Book AL ESTE DE LA MARIPOSA. ANTOLOGÍA DE POESÍA RUMANA.
Not entering as a tourist in the heart of a woman
taking pictures
leaving beer cans
looking for only immense cathedrals
and transparent statues
with the backpack full of maps
and making quick meals
because there’s a country
seven cities
a mountain range and a winter
in the heart of a woman
don’t just drink a glass of sea there
don’t get into a plane
take the crescent train
don’t reveal your photos there in an hour
if it’s not too cold
get there naked
don’t carry an umbrella
and above all don´t cut down trees
in a woman’s heart
They don’t usually grow back
From the Book “Los elefantes estorban”
International Award Gabriel Celaya, España
I’m going to do me the favor to love you
that I never tried me with kindness
that I did not complain when the boots pressed me
and not protested for the millions of cold breakfasts
from now I’ll give me the sweet gift of kiss you
maybe that does not mean that the words that hurt be less painful
or stop of cut me when shave my soul
no matter
with my favors I reached me
I put a hand on my shoulder
a coat if it rains and so I offer me to others
without government support but with the applause of the flowers
I’m going to do me the favor to getting off the train
kindle the fire and love you.
From the book “Tres noviembre”
International Award Educa
The last thing you heard from me was that I prepared your lunch box,
and that’s four years ago. Questions for me, of course
They tell you I’m thinner,
I take free tai chi lessons
in the park.
that my food is a bottle of wine every day.
They tell you I like to cook.
For tai chi classes the City Council asks to wear white
that’s why you don’t see me in the snow.
From the Book “AL ESTE DE LA MARIPOSA”, ANTOLOGÍA DE POESÍA RUMANA, IV International Poetry Award Gabriel Celaya, Diputación de Gipuskoa.

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