Sakineh Asadzadeh (Iran)

Sakineh Asadzadeh (Iran)
I am Sakineh Asadzadeh, born (25/Aug/1989) in Iran, Ph.d in Private Law. I am working in Ministry of Justice -Governmental Sanction Institution as a law employer (also I am the law member in specialized commission of legal council about the trade affaires in this institution). I am the author of the law and poetry books (Hayalı Damlacik, Şiirden Yayincilik, 2019) in Turkish, (Fiery Sunder, Arshadan Publication, 2020), (Garnet Gray, 2019- Muskwillow Jujub, 2019 – Imaginary Dropper, 2018- New Moon/poetry collection, 2020 , Narvan Publication) in Iran and (Legal status of Contractual Groups, Majd Publication, 2019), the political assistant in ministry of foreign and research assistant and translator in international association of universities muslim professors. Also I am teaching a law courses in university. Awards include The First International Scientific, Literature and Arts Festival of Saadi/2020, Second National Festival of Superior Writes of Human Sciences (Allameh Jafari/2020), The 4th Festival of the Best Dissertations of Iran (Special Award of Professor Hesabi/2020), (Superior Researcher/2018), (Best Law Employers/2017). I am so corious, humour, thoughtful and my favourites are Muzik, exercise, reading the law, literature and culture books and articles about them and etc…
Solar Buttercups
Nightfall …
The sleep frightendly and suddenly
Runs into encampment of my eyes
And the darkness color of night
Starts to wisperd in my ear… about the stricken ornaments of flowers
The fragments of my body flamed and burnt
To depth of love
And the morn … What remained from me, that was my shadow
Full of your entity’s depth
Flyed with heavenly luminosity
You are a depiction on my heart’s desires
You are the landmass in my life’s seasons
Your anamnesis, every moment, rains on my feeling’s adytum
And it challenges with your love verses on my overhead of my downhills
And it quips my inherent oracle to end of egoisms
Oh… The nearest dawn from boundary to boundary
The rain …has been leave taken with the fascination soil
The sun and the angel dance vinosity and coquetry
On the stormy screes of cockshut
And the sound of campanulates of vault
Longingly for caressing the wind comes to ear of agate minarets
And the simulacrum shorebirds sings between Paradise and Tartarus
The chanson of ascent minutes and the pact of amour and spite
For attachment reality soul with the love and peace
And also for the uprising your luminance on my mondane body
Distillate of Bittern
The spirit of humanity was spoiled for the mixed ignorance
It’s not the story of eating apple or falling apple
That this one’s reward was life in the world
And that one’s reward was gravity’s discovery
The difference is about opinions…in stablishment and firmness
The stories have been told and the hearsayes are endless
From Tous, Karkheh and Bactria …
I wish being human not humanity … in the battle of the egoisms
I’ll not be sorry for the smiles of hyaenas
Because the politesse of vultures is devour
Whether devouring the meat or the bone
My grief is about abrogation the commandments not about breach them
Because the abrogator distroyed and the scofflaw trampled
Put the verdicts on the propylaeum of justice
For my plaint is more than my complaints
I’m distillate of bittern…A legend with the other mean of love
There’s my mobility and acstacy in souls
My attitude is still warm as the same as the coolness of my forehead
I’m me even with my antithesises
I’m the part of soil in the needy body
My soul has full contents and this is enough!
My atlas is so vast with the constantly bright candles and lively colorful
I’m heavy champaign full of melodies of furerunner
My address is the same oaken home
Nearby the autumn’s seasons, with the abullient furnitures
I habits to sit on the near the warmish nature
On the pinealy chair before the kiblah of sea
And for playing in the nights… about the crapulence and the pain
Yes…! Pain …
The pain of inertia …
The pain of conscious …
Passive inertia and factitious conscious

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