Şükrü Aydın



Şükrü Aydın


Şükrü Aydın was born at Hvostyane (Fustana) village in Blegoevgrad-Gotse Delchev in Bulgaria. He immigrated to Turkey with his family in 1951. He completed primary, secondary and high school education in İzmir. He graduated from Erzurum Atatürk University, Faculty of Letters, Department of Turkish Language and Literature in 1974. Then he was appointed as Turkish Language and Literature teacher. He retired while he was working as Turkish Language and Literature teacher in Karşıyaka Anatolian Highs School in 2000. He worked as an editor for VARDAR Bulletin the media organ of İzmir Macedonia Immigrants Culture and Solidarity Association. He has also written some articles on “Rumeila Culture”. He prepared a language research as a graduation thesis entitled as ” Batı Trakya (Rodoplar) Karasu Vadisi Türk Köyleri Ağzı” (Western Thrace (Rodoplar) Karasu Valley Turkish Villages Dialect) in 1974. He published his first poem book “Özleyiş Yırlarım” (Missing Poems) as one of KIBATEK (The Corporation of Cyprus, Iraq, The Balkans, Euroasia Turkish Literatures) publications in 2009. He published his second poem book “Uzaq Torpaklar” (Far-away Lands) written in Azeri Turkish in Baku, Azerbaijan in 2011. In addition, he keeps on studying on folktales, fairy tales and folk song compilations in the field of Folk Literature. He has been studying on his last book “Balkanlardaki Anadolu FUSTANA”( Fustana: The Anatolia in The Balkans).

Presented Papers:

“Gagauzian Turkish Literature in KIBATEK Studies”. Moldova, July 4, 2013.

International 37. KIBATEK Iraq-Turkmen Literature Workshop Paper: “Poem in Iraq Turkmen Folk Literature”. Ankara, September4.2015





You are our first flower of love

You are our sun which heats our home

Believe that roses had envied you when they saw you

With your light pink cheeks and scent

You filled our world

You gave us joy and life

You are our fountain of happiness

Believe that you are our first sweetheart

Whe did not realize

How fast you have grown up,

And how those years have passed.

You have always read, you have always written

You gave us happiness.

You are our everything

You are summer and winter

You are our midday spring

You are our chrysanthemum blooming in our heart.


Şükrü Aydın





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