HISTORY’S FOOL / Poems by Dr Jernail S. Anand

jernail S Anand

Poems by Dr Jernail S. Anand





As the days are passing;
more and more of the mysterious
expanses are coming to life;

and depression takes over
when the day spends itself in the
lap of the night;

i run after the stars
who are like glow worms
surrounding me; pale shadows of joy;

i find myself drained of the will
to pull along; my sap
sagging under my weight;

i see how each day
brings to a yellow pallor
so many leaves off my being;

i find myself reduced to dust
only some winged insects
enjoying at my remains;

behind me, i have a reckless story
of dreams and desires
which i have now planted in other hearts;

and i am going down
a history which repeated itself
shamelessly, without changing its obvious course.


dr j.s. anand
all rights reserved/2014


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