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“…For one who tirelessly aim to pursue the perfection of its own masterpieces;

For one who lives his/her own poetry and arts as living example of the common goodness;

For one with great passion, undying, moving and making visible-heartfelt impact on people’s lives;

For one that inspire, heal and awaken, regardless of colors, races, cultures and beliefs

for the betterment, harmony and survival of Humanity as a Whole…”



Signed by:

Hon. Abdul Rashid Pelpuo,

State Minister at The Office of The President

Republic of Ghana


Signed by:

Numo Akwaa Mensan III, Nae Wulomo,

Highest Priest of the GA State

Republic of Ghana


Signed by:

Hon. Nii Lantey Vanderpuye

Minister of Youth and Sports

Republic of Ghana


Signed by: Doc PenPen B. Takipsilim

Father of Visual Poetry

Creator and Founder of Pentasi B



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By Gamel Sankarl




Dr. Epitacio R. Tongohan is the real name of the visual poet who has taken the world by storm. Although, he was christened by his parents as Epitacio R. Tongohan, lovers of his poetry works affectionately refer to him as Doc Penpen which has become his pen name.

He is a Filipino by nationality; a native of Tanay, Rizal but he considers himself a global citizen. He was born into a poor family; to a tenant farmer of a father and a housemaid of a mother. He grew up in a farming community where almost every family had a farm. He had two brothers; one born before him and the other after him. But sadly, he lost both of them to the cold hands of death in a week.

He was only six years at the time but the death of his siblings really came as a big blow to him. His young mind wondered mostly due to the sad circumstance. He pondered on the incidence till he eventually became obsessed with thoughts about life and death. Such thoughts shaped his life as he got to know that one can be with full life today but tomorrow will be met with death. He got to know that one die at any point in time whether young or old.

In the light of these thoughts, he came to the realisation that, he had to make a difference with his life as he couldn’t tell when he would exit from this earth as his brothers did at such an early age. It informed his decision and made all the difference in his life. Looking back, Doc Penpen admits that he has become who he is because of the experiences he had in his formative years.

Today, Doc Penpen is an inspirational and an iconic figure in the world of poetry. He is considered the Philippine’s Father of Visual Poetry and is arguably the world’s number one when it comes to visual poetry.

His love for poetry started at a very tender age; whilst he was still in the elementary school. Though he didn’t give much thought to becoming a poet at his young age, destiny eventually caught up with him along the journey of life.

Growing up, he saw his father speaking poetically most of the time. His dad is an oratory poet. That he believes influenced his love for poetry at a tender age. In elementary school, he loved literature and naturally gravitated towards words. Though he loved poetry, he only managed to write just a few poems at his young age.

He had hopes of taking a career in the fine arts so he could pursue his passion but that was not to be very soon as his father’s intention was for him to pursue a career in medicine. His dad wished that became a medical doctor but he wanted the Fine Arts.

And so when he first entered college, he applied for Fine Arts but later had to divert to the sciences in honour of his father’s wish. He didn’t get into medicine immediately as advised by his father but eventually he did after studying medical technology.

After medical technology, he did a four year course in doctor of medicine and another four years of studies in surgery. It was after this that he went to practise his craft. He practised medicine for some time and then went for his postgraduate studies where he specialized in Anatomic Pathology for another four years.

As a specialist practitioner in this field, his life was tied to working on dead bodies; finding out about the aetiology of various diseases. And that is how he practised his craft as a profession Anatomic Pathologist until he diverted course into poetry full time.

How did that happen? After a few years of practise, he had to quit for a reason he deemed more demanding than his practise. His father got struck with stroke and there was no one to cater for him at the time. Left with the burden of choosing between his career and his father, he went for the latter.

This, he did because he was the only surviving son. It was a very hard decision for him because he was at the peak of his career and had even submitted a proposal to do a research on cloning but that was not to be as he needed to cater for his dad. He called it quits for his father’s sake.

But whilst practising medicine, he was still involved in the fine arts virtually. He did some works of drawings, paintings and sculpture. Though he was aprofessional medic by hand, he was also a passionate poet at heart. His love of the literary arts grew stronger when he now spent more time with his father.

It was during this time that he explored the movie industry. He was the first to do a digital movie in the Philippines. The movie was titled; ’Takipsilim’. It was after the premier of this movie that someone discovered him.

It happened that, the stakeholders in the movie industry was considering the movie for the FAMAS Award but couldn’t categorise it. It was the first of its kind.

So his experience with the award scheme citing him as a filmmaker informed him to explore the new genre he had created. And that led to the birth of PENTASI B Poetry.

He then experimented with different forms and structures of arts and that eventually led to the creation of a new niche in poetry now called visual poetry.

From a humble beginning in a Philippine locality, Penpen developed and deployed his poetry creating ability and is now a renowned world poet. From a local stage he has risen to prominence on a global stage as the father of visual poetry.

The life of Doc Penpen and his story is an inspiration to the world. It is an awakening call and a source of healing and inspiration to every individual. It exemplifies that fact, it doesn’t matter your background you can breakthrough and become top-notch in the area of your passion.

He has been recognized for his meritorious contributions to the literary arts and particularly his wonderful works in the genre of visual poetry. He has also toured the world promoting poetry and awarding poets for their contributions which are all geared towards the betterment of humanity.

The following are but just a few of the many awards and the recognition honours Doc Penpen Bugtong Takipsilim has received in his journey as a visual poet:

Revered, recognized and awarded as ‘ANYUINSEM AGYA’, in Accra, Ghana, 2016

Acknowledged in Italy as ‘Il Padre Della Poesia Visual’ (Father of Visual Poetry), 2016.

Honoured in Turkey as ‘GorselSiirBabasi’ (Father of Visual Poetry), 2014.

Recognized in British Columbia, Canada as ‘The Father of Visual Poetry’, 2013.

Acknowledged and Proclaimed in Vancouver, Canada as ‘Visionary Poet’, 2013.

Adjudged by the National Library of Philippine as ‘The Father of Visual Poetry’, 2013.

Conferred in the Philippines as ‘The Father of Philippine Visual Poetry’, 2012.




PENTASI B is the brainchild of Doc Penpen. A lot of life questions needed answers and in his attempt to find such answers, he ended up forming something that will speak to the needs of humanity and cause an awakening to audiences, bring healing to the hurting and inspiration to individuals.

Doc Penpen mesmerised the creative world when he created a good blend of between the literary arts and the fine arts. His style of poetry does not engage the pure verses such as what is seen in the traditional poems one is used to.

To make his poems distinctive, he used poetry and visual arts to engage people emotionally whilst setting them free physically. With his words, he brought a good feeling and a sense of healing to people.

He took poetry to higher level when he published his works of visual poetry and titled it Pentasi B. The book which is now in three volumes is one of its kinds. It captures page by page scintillating lines of poetry that speaks to the circumstances of life in a sensitive manner.

Using the Pentasi B book as evidence based tool, Doc Penpen has created a movement of poets (affectionately referred to as Pentasian) that come together with a common agenda of sharing their works whilst ensuring an awakening, healing and inspiring people.


The PENTASI B concept has the following as the fulcrum on which it runs:

P-Philosophical values: we respect the philosophy and values of each member;

E-Evolution: we constantly and consistently evolve in our quest become extraordinary;

N-Neutral world: we create a neutral platform for all. We see no race, creed or colour;

T-Technology: we inculcate new technology and encourage multi-talented orientation. We primarily focus on being multi-modal, multi-lingual, multi-sensorial, multi-angular and multi-dimensional.

A-Arts/Aesthetics: we love the arts and encourage unearthing beauty. We inspire all to add aesthetic value to their creative art works;

S- Science: we promote the sciences. We seek to create a good blend between the sciences and the arts to ensure uniformity whilst creating a better world for humanity;

I-Imitation, Invention, Innovation and Improvement: we encourage learning through imitation, ingenuity through invention, creativity through innovative thinking and grow though continual improvement;

B-Bio or life: we are for life. We exist to influence lives and inspire hope in the lives of many. Everyone’s life matter and we seek to empower every life form.

These are the tenets that hold the Pentasi B Poetry dream in position.


Pentasi B Poetry has served as a vehicle for Doc Penpen to showcase his visual poetry to the world. His style of poetry, thus, visual poetry employs the use of words that creatively conveys his message in the most imaginative and impressive way possible. By his words, he is able to create clear pictures in the minds of his readers or audiences. He simply opens their eyes and holds their hands to enter into new worlds of intellect.

As a person, he has won the hearts of many with his admirable personality and humility. Doc Penpen gives hope to the hurting anytime he meets with them. He lights their dark world with his gifts of magical words.

He believes everyone is a poet without classification. The word poetry he assets;has a Greek origin and it means, ‘I create’. To him everyone is a creator. We all create. It can be prose, essay or whatever. Once you create something with your words, you are a poet. And so he sees all as poets and therefore calls all to be a part of the Pentasi B World Friendship Poetry.

The Penatsi B World Friendship Poetry is a festival. It is a gathering of poets, poetry lovers and literary art lovers. It brings people from the four corners of the world onto a single stage to share their poetry works and celebrateeach other whilst promoting peace and unity among humanity.

After the first edition of Pentasi B forum was organized in the Philippines in 2013, the train has stopped at several other places including; British Columbia, Canada; California, USA; Istanbul, Turkey; Bari, Italy and now Accra, Ghana.

It has also been on the campuses of world class universities where copies of the Pentasi B Poetry book has been deposited in libraries such as; The National Library of the Philippines, University of British Columbia Library and The Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey among others.

Many poets and writers the world over have been part of the international poetry society known as the Penatsi B World Friendship Poetry. The testimonies shared after their experience with Pentasi B World Friendship Poetry has been amazing. Here are a few summarized commentaries from some pentasians:

Ethel P. David writes; “Pentasi B is the utopia which mankind thought was impossible of attainment, but which is here with us, in our presence. It is a place where poets, writers and artists regardless of Race, Colour, Religion, Gender and Political Orientation are welcome. The only requirement, if one may put it that way, for admission, is the talent for poetry, for writing, for art, and that burning desire for universal peace for all humanity”.

Ajarn Wu Hsih comments; “Pentasi B is the thing of postmodernism which mankind thought was impossible of attainment and still many among the academe cannot regurgitate but is here, with us, asserting its breath of existence through all those souls whom the Ghanaian poet, Benjamin Oku called it Pentasians.

Years ahead will certainly look back at the humble yet grand beginnings of Pentasi B Society and people will be truly grateful of this ‘New Poetry’ which added impetus to phase of human civilization which had its beginning in the African continent”.

Edwin M. Cordevilla also testifies that; “Pentasi B has democratized the poetry art form from being a playground of only a few. Today, poetry writing and appreciation have been elevated to a new of shared meaning.

Doc Penpen, the founder of Pentasi B has opened the gates to poetry regardless of race, education and status in life. It takes strong-willed, innovative and yet very humble man to unite poets from different parts of the world for a common poetic vision”.

The Pentasi B train now makes a stop in Africa. The land of the first born son. Doc Penpen and his team believe the world needs some change. He is of the view that, the hearts of many are bleeding for a real change. And it is about time we looked at the real betterment of Africa and humanity at large.

He says; Africa should not be in tribal groups. We must stand in unity as one big large family. And that the future should be our focus and our prime aim should be the survival and betterment of humanity for a harmonious co-existence.

We need a truly humane community. The world needs this. Africa needs this. And the Pentasi B World Friendship Poetry movement (made up of artists, poets, writers and lovers of all forms of arts) is here to do just that. We are in Ghana, the gateway to Africa, to ignite people and ensure an awakening, healing and inspiration.





Penpen, the man who made an entry

Into the world with a fine gift of poetry

He is known as visual poetry’s father

His words can make you see farther

He is nothing without the tip of his pen

With his pen, he makes things happen

He was born a full-blooded Philippine local

But his love for people has taken him global

He looks not at skin; he sees no white or black

He sees none as full of luck and another of lack

He loves all equally and looks at no race

To all he endeavours to care and embrace

His call is to show unadulterated love to all

Hatred for none but love for all; that’s his call

Penpen’s love for humanity is so visual

Penpen’s concern for humanity is factual

His gift of poetry makes him exceptional

His genuineness makes him inspirational

Penpen’s pen and poems makes things happen

Penpen is the man that makes things happen!

Article written by GamelSankarl

Author/ Speaker/ Inspirational Poet






Gamel Sankarl is an inspirational author, a sensational speaker and a motivational poet. Writing, speaking and performing poetry is Gamel’s passion but he is a professional biomedical scientist with a BSc in Human Biology and an MSc in Chemical Pathology.

Gamel’s heartbeat is to impart, inspire and ignite the innate potentials of individuals for impact and he has been doing this through his teachings, speaking engagements, poetry performances and writings. He has spoken on scores of youth platforms and is poised to do more for God and the Globe.

Mr Sankarl has authored and self-published fifteen books including the following titles; Author @ Any Age, Better Is Better, Poetivations, Gamelian Gems, Winning Starts with Beginning, How To Read and Reap, What You See Is What You Get among others.

He has been recognized for his writings by a few notable organizations. In 2014 he was selected as one of ten African student finalists in the Pan-African Mosquito Control Association (PAMCA) Student essay competition.

Also in the same year, he was recognized and awarded as the ‘Best Male Influential Writer of the Year’ by Leadership Mind Ambassador, Nigeria and nominated in 2014 and 2015 by the prestigious Black Entertainment, Film, Fashion, Theatre and Arts (BEFFTA ) UK Global Awards as Best Author among twenty-nine other authors across the globe. Last year, he was selected as one of eighty young Africans to co-author a book titled ‘The Africa 80’ which would be launched in South Africa on the African Union Day.

Mr. Sankarl has worked as a creative writing instructor for the Young Ghanaian Writers Programme where he also doubled up as the Writing and Business Programmes Director. He has been hosted by students of the Publishing Department, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology to deliver guest lectures on creative writing.

For the past two academic years, he has been visiting the Ghana Institute of Journalism to deliver guest lectures to the creative writing class on the invitation of the lecturer, Mr David Dankwa-Apawu, the head of the department of Languages.

Gamel has spoken on several platforms across Ghana including a TED platform and some notable youth platforms as well as most tertiary and high school campuses. For his sensational speaking and poetry performance efforts, he’s been honoured and listed in the African View Point Journal as one of ’20 Under 35 Young Change Makers’ by the African Youth Awards team and by the Youth Alliance for Development as one of ’10 Most Influential Youths In Obuasi’. Recently, he has been named as one of ‘Top 20 Young Speakers In Ghana’ in a poll conducted by Motivational Speakers Network, Ghana.

He performs poetivation; a genre of poetry he created himself. Poetivation is a term of his own coinage from the words Poetry and motivation. It is a brand of spoken word poetry characterised by poetic rhymes, rhythm and motivation. Gamel considers his most significant innovative idea because it shares ideas, insights and inspiration for impact. Due to its focus on motivating people for a life of success and significance, it appeals mostly to the youth.

Gamel Sankarl is a global shaper with the Kumasi hub, Ghana and together with other extraordinary youths has been contributing his experiences and expertise for the betterment of his community. He is a lifelong learner and makes friends with all who wish to learn from him and are willing to allow him learn from them.


Name: Gamel Sankarl


Facebook: Gamel Sankarl

LinkedIn: Gamel Sankarl



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