Luz María López


luz maria lopes atunis foto

Luz María López


Luz María López is a poet and writer from Puerto Rico, Continental Director of World Festival of Poetry (WFP) and the Poetic Front in Defense of Women’s Rights (WM), Pentasi B “Universal Inspirational Poet” Award 2016.


“She is beneath the pores of all the skins sharing poetic energies in the air. By these situations, she can write thinking in oblivions for sinners and hidden memories into the history of humankind. Sometimes she navigates through fractal small words, discussing the lapsus calami of human beings trying to compete with the wretched mirror of humanity, and sometimes she upraises many flags of hopes, conceivably thinking in the realities of utopia that only the honest poet can visualize like a simple omen, in the best way for all the living beings blessing our planet. ”



Yuri Zambrano






13480509_10154196240603818_2007985196_n (1)

Beneath your Skin





La hora del Vuelo


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