Poems by Luz María López


Luz María López ATUNIS foto

Poems by Luz María López




Paper Soul


the soul sometimes can wrinkle

as paper does in someone else’s fist

becoming a bunch of pleats

that result strange before the eyes

airy they do parade their

apparent discrepancy

as if they were a mystery

when in fact they are not

i have a paper soul

it has had to crumple

more than once

even so it still revives

and keeps being

the gentle wrap

of my own existence


i got a soul made out of paper…!




Lapsus Calami


Strange pleasure

to challenge emotions

throw them to the wind

erratic – ardent

unsheltering the narrowness

glass exorcisms

to smile

– inaudibly –

the benevolent certainty

digging the chest

nurturing new roots

migrants – throbbing

to conceive an oblivion

snatching from

the rapt time

its dead


to open the door

praise other fires

grow in them.








as the colors of
lucid dreams
swaying away emotions
a slow-tempo ballet
flowing above reality
for deep in the throb
of every given kiss
a spell got written
and while it rants
between truth and wish
it plunges
getting swallowed
by oceanic waves
their torment
so they forget
that love also



In a Minute of Life


A broke off…

in the skin the sweetest cry

that jubilant sings without having a voice

taciturn it rocks on the idea of the kiss

leaning against the veil of the eyes

who only see what they want to

unacquainted to the wind that plays

to be the slip within a skirt

in the tameness of a spasm

roars the flesh

that does not understand distances

as if it were about living

when what clamors

is not the verse either the sap

but the already deceased





Déjà vu


this feeling that has no roots,

that keeps spinning around

with no direction at all


this elapsing spell

that never ends and always

seems to be the first  throb


this stranded exhilaration

when I never crossed boundaries

far beyond my eyes


this urge to reach the sea

wash away all the thoughts

feel at peace


could it be that I got

to be born again?



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