Poems by Lily Swarn


Poems by Lily Swarn





When flood gates open

Dams burst out their innards

Doleful sounds of gongs

Worm their way into the

Holy sanctum sanctorum

Of your pulsating temple of love

It’s the season of peacocks strutting

Displays of perennial courtship

Honed to perfection with artifice

Grandiose promises of moons

Still intangible in an undiscovered planet

Highways climbing to heavens

Unchartered and unmapped

Pastoral vistas lying supine

In beguiling splendour


(C) Lily Swarn 26.6.2016






Swaying through

the willowy grasses

Whispered to the breeze

Tales of hill damsels


Apple cheeked

Almond eyed

Honey lipped

Hair burnished


The orange orb

Lighting up the hills

Fountains of scarlet gushing

Down musical springs


Smiling in flames

Pines of longing

Reaching for the skies

Fingers of allure


Mountain roads serpentine

Curvaceous as her form

Balancing her plum basket

Peaches and cream galore !


(C)Lily Swarn 25.6.2016






New flavours of ice creams

Popping with novel colours


A fresh breath of air

To ward off the dank musty

Scents of rancid after taste

Still soaked in the previous aura

Reeking of last night’s dinner


How easily bored today’s

Humans are


Ever seeking verdant pastures

Herds of sheep or goats

Constantly looking for greener meadows

Chewing the cud with bovine solemnity

Gazing over the picket fence

To spy the mossy banks


Attention deficit disorders

Changing remote control buttons

Swinging from branch to branch

Simians in a perennial  flux

If not you , the next

If not her , the one ahead !


Pistachio anyone ? Or hazel nut

Perhaps ? What does Your Majesty

Crave today?


(C)Lily Swarn 24.6.2016



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