Poems by Sadia Khan


Sadia khan 1

Poems by Sadia Khan



If I am of words


And like a seraphic belle,

Poetry should be mine,

Then this ascetic lunacy,

Ought to become my spine.

An infidel to laid leeway,

Ye shalt see me swagger,

Past this staid, sober world,

For I—am—a—Sannyasini ,

In my own right!






From and around,

The flower of my belly,

A night ascends, too arid,

And butterflies feast on the fireflies;

I yearn to melt,

Under you—

Your feverish gaze,

And turn into a Night-Jasmine garland.

That you can churn,

In your chafed, rustic palms,

Exuding, a fragrance flume,

Some wild, pollen plumes, running amok;

And then, anointing your body,

Smearing it on forehead,

Should dance… wilderness…

… on the flushed face of the Earth.








That pilgrims died long back,

Whilst the slovenly world,

Got misshapen,

Into a drab saucer,

And in its shallowness,

Till date, I bloat and float,

As he sleeps,

Wrapped infinitely into his wit,

In the damp dark depths of,

Westminster Abbey.

And still I float,

Not able to drown and die!



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