Today, I paint an alert / Poem by Susana Roberts


Poem by Susana Roberts


Today, I paint an alert

Today, urged me to asked the Madonna dressed in sunshine
With the moon on her feet and multiple stars
If the world will stop being what it is
Where will be the artists living?
Those who keep
Colors of hopes
to human race
without walls that separate them
Will be existing nobles of spirit that eat the same bread?
Will becoming another time with children of powerful children
Trained to put barriers
to add more deterioration
to this reality of hunger and poverty
more destroying bombs?

Will be the universal love be tested
to confront the powerful people’s fear?

Today I paint my walls in white
So many time conjugated with love and crying
I saw the poor and beggars in my face
the children of the war, the immigrants without destiny
Tangible corruption, terrorism, deception
And drug trafficking in my America and the world …
What happened to the Global Village?

I’m very thirsty and I’m painting
A target of hope that reaches the heavens

I’m very thirsty and I bleed with the voices of the earth
My indigenous , African, Iranian, Syrian peoples

Oh, the man and his madness!
Oh, Mr. Money!
Let’s paint you in white! May greatness recover!

News spreads today
There is an alert on earth, roots turned into a fire’s crying

Land of Eden! Bunch of stars and Peace
I fear for the children,
Get back to the original light!

© Susana Roberts-30-1-17


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