Tomorrow? / Poem by Roger Casanatan


Poem by Roger Casanatan



Tomorrow is Saturday, as I try to fatten up my hopes!
Tomorrow is Saturday, how I will wear my memory!
Today is the day before, and the hours to come already weighs heavy on my heart.
The neighbors fork looks and words; I sense live between yesterday and tomorrow.
You Toxify your vehicles (without fault) Merciless to the future.
Technology push to infinity giving more force to death
Without compassion trees, something encroach in life. The birds are watching sadly dropped their nests.
Oh tragedy, whose value ignore the congresses of the world. People walk helter-skelter did try to dodge at the time of their lives?
How many seek immortality, flimsy vanity of higher reasoning. How many catalogues which life disposable merchandise. Rise buildings pretentious to capture some mystery?
How much philosophy logarithmic, how much, how much psychological alchemy theological diet without Christ, how many miracles more false that divine, how many human beings already without a soul, how much astronomy without a trace!
Tomorrow is Saturday, how i yearn for true peace not feigned. Reconciliation in all races and with different faiths.
Don’t give so much value for money. Ábonemos understanding between children and parents. I just love tour in our blood.
Tomorrow is Saturday… the more I don’t know, since when I’m in pain.

Poet Ascopano


3 thoughts on “Tomorrow? / Poem by Roger Casanatan

  1. Roger Casanatan’s poem “Tomorrow?” has the clarity of a wise man’s mind ,
    refers to most areas of life and civilization in need of healing
    expresses the maddening societal and political attitudes
    considered as normal…this poem is a social and political manifesto of our times!

    • Máxima gratitud,a prestigiosa y considerada poetisa griega por elogiado comentario al poema «Mañana » Con el mejor aprecio, amigo peruano te estrecha en abrazo fraternal.

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