Poems by Saraswati Poswal


Poems by Saraswati Poswal



Today is teddy bear day
My teddy has come I love her as none..
I called her ‘ puchu’ she is my real soul as none..
I taught her poem teddy bear teddy bear turn around…
Now she calls me my teddy with cute smile…
Now the teddy of life is grown up and is busy in her chores.
She use to demand for the teddy as she is little sweet angle around..
Today is the teddy day.
Tomorrow is yellow rose day…bla bla bla..
Your stubborn demands made me busy in buying all the stuff..
And loved me I cuddled you..
You embraced me with huggs..
We truely celebrated all the Valentines days..
Love ,hugg ,chocolate ..
Today completed with your arrival.
Incomplete without love once..!!

Send blessings for her…!!

@Saraswati Poswal



Keeping the sweet memories..
Safe in the corner of heart…
Sweet like chocolate which melts in mouth..

Memories melt our heart..
Sweet memories turn in sweeter results..
Weather you are close or far..

It make you more romantic..
When take a bit of chocolate..
Make your heart hyper and active.

Their is a connection of heart with the sweets..
Mostly chocolate is gifted…
For them to keep in heart..

Dark melodies flavours..
Melt inside mouth..
Make you forget the troubles of the heart..
Each and every taste bud enjoys like kids..
As we are no grown up..

What is bad in bitting chocolate..
Healthy hearts always enjoys the chocolates..
As they make more romantic and lively from heart.

@Saraswati Poswal



A subtle sea was my heart..
The day proposed me..
It created an oasis in my heart..

Your longing arms..
Embraced me from so far…
I felt the emptiness…

I was like that drop of water which has lost its homeland…

I learnt to be silent…
As you looked into my talkitive eyes..
I learnt to be tolerant..
When my tolerance hinderd without your presence.
I learnt to be kind when people were unkind to me.

I just learnt all to oblivion..
In chilling winds…
I stood and waited for your warmth..

I counted the stars of the sky…
In the meanwhile you came like a moon and holded the dark night..

Before it was too late you praposed me and said you cant wait…

We ought to be tied in one knot called wedding…!!!!

@Saraswati Poswal


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