A brief presentation about the book ‘A prevented Spring” – Author: Eftali Gjini Dilo. / By Elda E. Dilo

A brief presentation about the book ‘A prevented Spring”



Author: Eftali Gjini Dilo

The main focus of her book is to express things that are abstract in nature. She is a writer that love to talk with darkness. For her ‘ Darkness and silence are two most potent weapons in the hands of any writer that helps him make psychological forays into disjointedness of daily existence.” The real world becomes surreal impression of itself, offering a man choices and freedom to actualize himself – but in actuality these choices and freedom become agonizing burden causing him alienation and estrangement. The real world slips into the realm of memories. Events, anxieties, frustrations, relations that once were, but now are seated deeply into the backwater of memories, keep casting their shadows on the landscape made out of time. Sometimes, these shadows cast by the memories seem more real, eternal surviving for as long as the consciousness does .


A prevented Spring

I read this book with great pleasure but at the same time it made me thoughtful about everything under the sun. I was impressed by the richness of ideas and language.

In this book you can touch the anguish of the past life that lies wide awake ., You can see a glassy sky and on the other side a burning hot sky. These detailed interpretations enable us to trace the thought of the writer. Such a thought gives us the possibility to find the road towards a large number of paths. The sensitive soul of the writer affects the infinity of everything, in every particularity of the world because the infinity appears in the form of the end.

Why should we love the past ? who sent her Truth ?

We must deciphere the victorious prophecy in the mixture of blood and stone.Among “to be “ and “to have” the past teach us ,how to forget our fears and turn those huge carvings into a legent of the transient but real freedom and happiness in this world we belong.


elda dilo

By Elda E. Dilo


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