Poems by Ahmad Alkhatat


Poems by Ahmad Alkhatat



Where do I lit my cigarette?
In classroom or on the work floor,
Tired with mood down to death
And to earth with much confident.

Where do I lit my cigarette?
In my prison or in my free space,
Unable to speak or talk without
Crying river or even making a seen.

Where do I lit my cigarette?
In my birthday or in my funeral,
Two different occasions that lead
To start my life and destroy my aches.

Where do I lit my cigarette?
In the house of God or in the tank,
I could lie to myself and ask for faith,
With hands dirty of coins I sinfully earned.

Where do I lit my cigarette?
In fancy castle or the heartless hell,
Alone by gold tools and diamond stones,
With two hands holding cancer in a rusty knife.

Where do I lit my cigarette?
If nobody cares to say hello to me,
If nobody would drink a cup of love and not hate.



My stories and my tales are twins,
You ignore both then I will read you,
Page to page, and chapter to the hard cover.

I am not a stalker to follow your path,
Look at my eyes, and tell me which will
Open the door to hid grieves and not crying.

Tell me, tell me, and please be honest.
I have always read novels in black and white,
Then why my tales from life insane are colorful.

I have always wanted to dance by a lady,
But why I keep seeing myself by her shadow,
Talking and laughing as if we are dating once again.

Romance and dreams were jokes to me,
I love to make others feel great about white lies,
Then why those lies become and bloody and very dark.

My friends find me joker and dump,
While I see their intentions behind the bottles,
Drunk they were and I am still smoking with tears.



In the library of dreamers,
I was looking for a book
I couldn’t find so librarian,
Daughter of the poetess had it.

I grabbed a thick book,
From the dusty shelves,
I sat next to her; started
Reading and hearing her giggling.

Once or twice at me,
Then she asked me if
I love reading bible in
The library and not writing a story.

My story has one lady
I am captivated by her
Can’t read nor hears but
My thoughts entwined inside out.

She smiled like the sun
So I smiled like the moon
We reflected the universe
Long silence numb lips to talk again.

She jumped off the old table
So I jumped on all hardcovers
She bared to me and started
Dancing like the poem of her mother.



I have told to my heart,
You are not alone on valentine,
I whispered to my eyes,
We have the permission to weep.

I had mysterious affection to somebody,
To a woman taught me to touch positivity,
Without having to smoke by death shade,
Looking at her sweet pictures makes me smile.

She asked me about my desired season?
Cuddling your warm hands it’s my favourite.
She answered me before I asked her yet?
Having you in valentine it’s resting my spirit.

I cried moaning so I won’t miss her beauty,
I wept happiness so her scent can loves me,
She laughed and flow higher by the tree leaf,
While I was trying to jump from all the branches.


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