SHE / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn
Her own woman
She blazes like a luminous moon
Irradiating the world she revolves around
She is the baby girl who twirls her doting dad
Around her little finger ,lisping love words in his ears
She pirouettes in her frilly pink dress ,the cherubic little miss
The studious school girl next reading till late at night
She is a wizard with computers deftly solving physics problems
While trying out her mama’s high heels and lipstick like a clown
She is her own woman soon
Who will not bow to patronizing male superiority
Highest scorer in her business classes
Debating and declaiming with panache
Sassy young dreamer with a cocky gait and stance
Eve teasers give her a wide berth for her judo chops she flaunts
Whenever a roadside Romeo decides to whistle and ogle
Her jeans may be frayed and faded ,her brain is razor sharp
She won’t forget a kindness but if you try and act smart
Remember her karate black belt Is adorning the showcase at home
The CEO of the biggest corporate houses
juggling motherhood and foreign tours
Eating at the classiest eating houses the world has ever known
She cooks only if she wants to for her husband does it better !
Her clear eyes speak volumes of the superior soul she harbors
Her gym trained body well toned doesn’t need any godfathers
She is the female of the species and is deadlier than the male
Rudyard Kipling knew her ,she won’t waste breath on discussions
Going straight for the kill is what she does instinctively.
I am trying desperately to be like her
For I am also my own woman !
Copyright Lily Swarn 25.2.2017

One thought on “SHE / Poem by Lily Swarn

  1. Wow
    ‘I am trying desperately to be like her’
    Beautiful imagery , ironical structure,realism and romanticism beautifully blended with an anticlimax in the last exclametary couplet, feminism , shades of various facets of feminine perfection, child psychology, ……

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