Poems by Aziza Dahdouh

Poems by Aziza Dahdouh
I am a woman
That bird flying around
Is my soul
My soul adores feeling free
When you see
A woman holding her baby tenderly
Humming a lullaby
it’s me!
I am motherhood and motherhood is me
When you hear a silent voice
whispering Iam here near
don’t fear the mystery
It’s me!
the voice of kindness and kindness is me
When you see a beautiful dream
A horse approaching youTo attend
high peaks and touch the clouds
it’s me !
Not the horse but the beautiful dream
And the dream is me
A new birth
My soul
That green pasture
That field of poppy flowers
I can see
Young souls there
Running and laughing
And Those birds
Performing magnificent music
As the best orchestra
Those butterflies are fluttering
As the most graceful dancers
Nature is celebrating a new birthday
All of you are invited
Wear the kindest souls ever
The party will take place
There in that field
Of poppy flowers
~~ميلاد جديد~~
روحي اصبحت تشبه
ذاك المرعى الأخضر
ذاك الحقل ……
حقل الاقحوان
إنني أرى….
ارواح صغيرة
تجري و تمرح هناك
وتلك العصافير تغرد
تماما كاجمل جوق
يعزف اعذب الالحان
وتلك الفراشات،
باهية الاجنحة
رشاقتها… ..
تضاهي ابهى الراقصات
الطبيعة تحتفي بميلادها الجديد
الكل مدعو……
تانقوا … البسوا .. .
اطيب وازكى الارواح
التحقوا بمكان الاحتفال
في حقل زهر الاقحوان
That shadow of mine
When Iam away
At the middle point
Between the absent
And the present moment
Don’t feel bothered
Don’t feel lost
Talk to my shadow
Play together chess game
Tease each other
Take a cup of coffee
Exchanger secrets
Tell jokes
Laugh out loud
My shadow in not an empty
The soul is still there
The whole
The main part
The aroma
The fragrance
The zest
True Iam away
But still swinging
somewhere …there
Not so close
Not very far
All what you have to do
Is to manipulate the art
Of enjoying the company
of my shadow.

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