HE WHARF OF HAPPINESS – Bá Lê Thành / English poem : Abahn Leth (Translator)

Poem by Bá Lê Thành



Someone asked where was the wharf of happiness
It’d be showed “at the bottom of your heart,more or less
If my heart wasn’t moved to love you
But only did own you…would happiness be true ?

If a group of persons laughed amid crying people
How could you imagine that worldly trouble ?
Pagoda bells resounded some tune of mercy
With murmuring prayers in the monastery.

But happiness must be a truly reliable propect
As someone was sick the whole society would protect
Thus on the earth flowers bloomed under the sky
The Tet holiday, spring brouhaha everyone would satisfy

O many a challenge of a lifetime not a miss
In peaceful realm one should find together their bliss
Happiness is the voice within your heart
In same desire, same worriness and grief you start
You’ll reach to the wharf of happiness not in vain
If Israeli mind had taken care for Egyptian as ever
If Palestine’s power and Israel’s for peace had jointed together
Then the Creator high above would have smiled.
On that bliss He’d have clapped eyes
A host of angels bowed their heads to such solidarity
For more fun to the world they bestowed grace holy


English poem : Abahn Leth (Translator)

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