Poems by Manthena Damodara Chary

Poems by Manthena Damodara Chary



Lustrous love is a winsome wonder
We can see the moon in splendour
Ecstatic embrace is all love’s grace
We access it with success at pace

Cupid’s flowery arrows strike my heart
He governs my feelings of love in part
My beloved hugs me as all arrows dart
Life in love is a ceaselessly splendid art

The moon spreads all its silvery beams
Radiating its genuine joy in our dreams
Emotions flow felicitously in all streams
As we in embrace churn out for creams

Eternity we seek is our everlasting end
Pure passions cherish it as rarest find
Time can make us captives in its hold
Blissful lovers often see its great bend

Earnest emotions enhance our ecstasy
Yearning for enthusuasm keeps fantasy
Fair flow of fancy emphasises adequacy
Loyal love has opulence in all its primacy

Manthena Damodara Chary
All rights reserved



You should take me as your bride
Standing as the Knight by my side
You keep the kingdom with valour
God guides you aright with honour

You are the ruler of mighty kingdom
You defend all people with wisdom
Your word has all gleam of grandeur
Your sword shows.striking splendour

No people can witness any worst woe
Leading lives without a formidable foe
You should make a strikingly stern vow
To be kind to all without a frowned brow

God always directs you in your adventure
Leading you ahead with His rare signature

@Manthena Damodara Chary
All rights reserved



People can be bold to achieve gold
If they are really cold they grow old
A diseased mind is never a fair find
A cultured man leads not a life blind

Be in love with life to avoid any strife
Your knowledge grows wisdom in life
Bitter truths grasped make life better
Pain experienced makes living glitter

Striking sorrow builds great tomorrow
Tears in eyes make vision not narrow
Your life in loveliness is an endeavour
Paving the way for gorgeous grandeur

Quell all vicious passions to be at peace
Your living can become real masterpiece
Masterly living shows splendid handicraft
Be a conqueror of life keeping divine draft

Worry usually creates sordid things sorry
Keeping all genuine joy in our living parry
Let us rise to all new heights in existence
Keeping adversity stifled under resistance

@Manthena Damodara Chary
All rights reserved



There is the abode above seven hills
For the lord reducing all medical bills
The chanting of His names cures ills
The Almighty is worshipped for skills

Each of seven hills represents a world
The abode was built with plates of gold
For invincible God visible as stony deity
With hearts stony melting in showy piety

A farmer toiling in the field is God’s form
A sweating stone-breaker has His charm
Lord here shows His face blissfully black
To all rapture of devotees round the clock

The hearts weary propitiate Presiding Deity
Offering Him valuables to win His cordiality
Peter is seen plundering himself to pay Paul
From the huge amount exploited as his haul

Saints and sinners are on a visit to the temple
With piety in diversity leading their lives simple
Sinners whisper sins in the ears of Providence
Feeling the accord for erasure of sins’ evidence

Saints with observance of month-long austerity
Yearn earnestly for strikingly spiritual maturity
God receives all prayers with stunning silence
Managing grandeur with His unique presence

As an earnest devotee I pray to Him in entirety
In the land three crore gods form innate purity
To endow all mankind with all essential unity
Ending all conflicts to realise the One Reality

Pessimists plodding their way with negativity
Never find any prayer helpful for all prosperity
Optimists realise God in their affluent attitude
Paving the rosy path for the ultimate altitude

Those dependng on their labour find divinity
In their genuine hearts gleaming with affinity
They possess intuition to find Divinity in sight
It is a must for all to be in sight of their insight

@Manthena Damodara Chary
All rights reserved



Gleeful grandeur marks all the day
As the cosmic dance is in full play
The sky is lighted with the rainbow
For gracing Spring’s splendid show

Natural colours picked to sprinkle
On acquaintances as eyes twinkle
Festivity is in progress in day long
To keep us hale and hearty along

Nature is clad in the rainbow’s attire
Feasting all our eyes with splendour
All sprightly dance of eternal couple
Sprouts our intensity to grow supple

Spring embraces all gorgeous grace
To enthral us all with glorious glance
All hearts leap with delightful dance
To avail themselves of rarest chance

Each day of life can be colourful ‘Holi’
If we keep our ideas and actions holy
Nothing goes amiss to a strong spirit
Inclined to achieve the goals of merit

@ Manthena Damodara Chary
All rights reserved


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