Poems by Lily Swarn

Poems by Lily Swarn
Ides Of March
Bluebells on hillsides
Hiding under bushels of remorse
Greeting the March hare with tremulous glances
Beacon lights dribbling like hockey coaches
Sunbeams ricocheting away from light
Cavernous hollows in banyan tree trunks
Baby owls peeping out from rocks
Nature dancing the mamba samba
Wearing gowns of gossamer sheen
Copyright Lily Swarn15.3.2017
Power politics
Every time a man squashes my dreams
Because of some unknown power he wields
A snowdrop in the Upper Rockies blooms and wilts
The burnt sienna of autumn leaves
Lingers on unshed mountain springs
And gallops to its watery grave
A saarangi wails in halls of eternity
And drowns in the cacophonous ether
The politics of obsessive control
Sheathed in strands of henna green
The tragic comedy of money games
Belittling the art of cobalt blue skies
Lopsided lumps of lazy louts
Drunk on aggrandizement aggregates
A star somersaults in my brilliant mind
And secretly smiles at its own demise !
Copyright Lily Swarn 14.3.2017

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