Poems by Shalini Samuel

Poems by Shalini Samuel
Child of War
When the demon licked our land
He munched us like a toffee
And spit us on burning desert sand
A nameless street hugged us, as a refugee
With the woolen cover, sky as shelter
We knew the harsh reality, our present
We stopped running helter skelter
Resting on the road, our heart trembled
Fear, anxious, loss, home sick, lament
Afar, still the homeland demon grumbled
The baby, mom and dad, with a bag sat
Envisioning the gruesome days to come
A hope flame, they longed for, a gentle pat
A hand that kills demon and drop them home
Children of war laden city, they lose their peace
For not holding the weapon, being its citizen
Lovely Labyrinth
His love filled eyes, gateway to a labyrinth
Completely lost as though she drunk absinthe
Walks into his heart, the hidden chambers
She finds warmth from the bright embers
Her tongue soothes his fresh wound
Amazed of the maze her legs bound
She records the thoughts that arise
The past, present and future paradise
Inside, undisturbed of changing weather
Mesmerized, she entangles herself further
Unwilling to come out of that cordial maze
She concludes to stay there, lost in his daze
Breathless, I awe and pinch myself, unbelievable
I wonder, what’s special in his eyes, was it the hazel
Ah how he conquered her in a minute!
Smitten they are, I just grabbed a morsel.
A bad fate
I wish I would have had a life
unless you came in
and stamped my life rose
with bated breath, I join my hands
begging to leave me,
still you pushed me hard.
with trembling fingers
I begged you, still with a hope
I wanted to live
You crushed me harder
every time I cried
you never relax, I guess
Brain can win you, I know
but you have even imprisoned it.
Oh Fate…
When will you give me peace
When can I start living
Will I ever?
But still I keep trying
And am sure you will lose.

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