Poems by Lily Swarn

Poems by Lily Swarn
Before the snow had piled up in heaps on our icy hearts
You and I could sit for hours on this wooden deck and chat
You would tell me in your lisping baby voice about the toddler named Noah who followed you like a little lamb in school
I would run my hands through the silky skeins of your hair
Shimmering in the freshly washed sun rays
And whisper in your ears about the nest the sparrows built in grandma’s home
You heard wide eyed and inquisitively when I came to the
part where the eggs were knocked down by a hungry wild cat
All this was before the frozen icicles in our hearts became stubborn
Just like the blotches of beetroot juice that you spilt on your
Pretty pinafore on your third birthday
The chairs sit on the deck in the alpine freeze
Waiting for the warmth to creep up from the equator of our stupidity
Till then your little rocking chair with one broken leg sits stoically
While mine sings lullabies to the snoozing cat
I miss your incessant prattle baby girl
Copyright Lily Swarn 17.3.2017
Sometimes your life breath
Chokes in your gullet as you lose all sense of time and space
The bulbul tweets your name in mono syllables on the scented mango tree
As you dry out your chunni by giving it a hearty shake in the balmy spring breeze
The shocking Indian pink of your frustrations rises to a rainbow crescendo
As the sun admonishes the frisky clouds
Ominously grey as the kaajal in your smoky brown eyes
A shadow passes over the flood ravaged retina
As you croak the first few fractured syllables of my name
My arms open metaphorically as I gaze enraptured into the eye of my storm
Happy to capture it in the sediments of my heavenly fragrant coffee mug
The one that came along with your shirts and handkerchiefs
When you went away I don’t know where
Lily Swarn

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