PRAYING FOR A WORLD OF LOVE / Poem by Dr. Jernail S. Aanand

Poem by Dr. Jernail S. Aanand



Men and women are magic eyelands
Find each other fascinating

If the world can pass for a normal domain
And not a disturbed estate
It is because of them.

If we find inadequacies
In social systems
It is also because of them.

Men and women
Whose union does not sublimate
Turn into angry missiles
And tear the flesh of society
Here and there.

Kids born of such parents
Create havoc in society
And devastate the fabric
of which they are made.

All the paranoid rulers
And the schizophrenic killers
Are the offspring of parents
Who could not love their partner.

The leaders lusting for
Power and wealth
Were mismade in a womb supplied
With necromantal charms

Let us return this earth
to its pristine glory
World of love and Compassion.
Let men and women unite in love.
Let us pray for a world of joy
And peace.

Dr j S anand

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