Poems by Tanni Bose


Poems by Tanni Bose
The matter of symbiosis
In an uncluttered and open zone for combat
Where we are nested with safe refuge
Where we are insecure, yet boost of plethora of security
Where we pompously carry an armor to shield our corrugated self
Where life stands on foot and struggles to balance
At the end of the long-drawn day
The dream of symbiosis constellates our mind
And we believe we are betrayed
©Tanni Bose
A moral effort
A humble lad clogged my proceeding car
Joined his hands in distress unfathomed
I pondered over the holy verses of my friend
“In philanthropy we shine”, he had told
I was declaiming the holy mantra
Then voiced my driver to halt the car-
Offered currency with gratitude to this holy soul
He beamed and I felt blessed
For he facilitated my soul
Earn progressive virtue
In my journey to paradise
Buried tears
Lively tears run down in haste
Avert me from parting.
On reaching my chest, it freezes
Warm heart placates it.
Tears discontinue descending downhill
It halts to obtain the warmth aspired for,
Acceptance of cordiality was its suicide
And the heart bore the ashes of dreams.
©Tanni Bose

2 thoughts on “Poems by Tanni Bose

  1. The first poem states clearly that the ordel of the day is over and it is back to square one and the next day also this routinised life should surge ahead in a mechanical way.The robotic existence of humanity is delineated in this poem.A poetic exercise sum and substance indeed.Kudos to you for writing such a meaningful poem.

  2. Yes,the poem’The Moral Effort’ states clearly that when we help others in the midst of us what we basically do is to be in traction with God.There are Gods in our landscape who are in the form of underprivileged and the dispossessed,when we extent helping hands to such people,we become in tune with our humane selves.Yes spirituality without compassion and mercy wouldn’t have any tangible impact.The poem has succeeded in bringing this message to the surface. Kudos to you for writing such a poem of well-versed nature.

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