Sonia Maddouri

Sonia Maddouri

Date and Place of birth: 17th July 1979. Bousalem TUNISIA

Graduated  in English literature.

President of the cultural saloon “Ferdaws”.

Member in Tunisian Writers Union.

Member in several festivals.

Earned several literary awards in the field of poetry, including:

ـــ first prize in “youth writers festival” kelebia tunisia 2003

ـــ prize of the best transcript in” the national festival of poetry” Bizerta Tunisia. 2011

ـــ “Nazek Malaika”  first prize in female poetry ـــIraq2013

ـــ  “Kussia” award in poetry ــ  Egypt 2014
ـــ Participated in the finals of the Prince of Poets on Abu Dhabi TV and access to the final episode 2015

ـــ “Afrabia” award in poetry ـــ Sudan
ـــ She held many poetry readings in different cultural centers including the house of poetry in Sharjah as well as participate in various cultural activities throughout the Arab world: Morroco , Egypt, Algeria, Iraq, Lebanon, Abu Dhabi, Greece…

She had two books:


“Paradise of words” 2014



“The pink future is for me”2016

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