Poems by Sonia Maddouri

Poems by Sonia Maddouri
My country is flaps of pigeons on
Doorsteps of mosques…
My country is blossom of flowers..
Cheers of birds,
A smile of a child,
And the begging of a prayer…
My country is the bleeding of butterflies
Travelling in passengers eyes…
And the sadness of a mother mourns her son
And devoted her life to grief
My country is the colors of a wound
And a struggling poverty
My country, how much the distances destroyed us
And landed handcuffs and paralyzes poems…
I am a woman
I am woman from the butterfly flaps
In the soul’s horizon, came from absence
To plant love in a desert country
I am a woman from a mix of civilizations
From a flash of light from ages of darkness
I am a woman, can’t stand your prisons
Oh! man of deception and fakeness
The Sage plant
From the inspiration of your words
Water may split from the poem’s body
And the sage plant in our home gardens
Doesn’t give secretly her odor to birds…
Let’s say that wind spreads fairly its revelation on trees
What shall silence offer to mouths???
Nothing but salt on a lip eluding its secret…
Travelers carrying their letters towards throats silently
How does the sand rise while the night is a nun chanting her genesis?
Since the branch surrounded the larvae
Since the sin puts its beauty in mud
Palms in the language of legends failed
Which defeats shall we call triumphs?
our destinies are apples,sir
Thirsty for the serpent of sin
Arms assassinating light in you
If you ever agreed to cut it
Bitter orange knows the grief in your eyes
And the violin plays it
Empty what is in your bag of void spells?
And delay the travel that is engraved in the tea cups
Perhaps a pigeon got used to her nest against her will
Is there now a belonging to the wire?
Is the axe of patience cutting away at the fire?
Supposedly the board saved our will
Do pains breed and fertilize its well
The prophet butterflies won’t disappoint things
Above a garden of illusions that strangles its flowers
And now I pass with paths on my blood
And stars spinning a dream surely while I speak
These extents are a range for the epic downfall
Of rain in my arrogant thirst.
Thousands and thousands of poems assassinating intentionally its rhymes.
Sonia Maddouri – Tunisia

One thought on “Poems by Sonia Maddouri

  1. Every words and sentence are made these poems extraordinary stories throughout the works which is easily available in the hearts.
    Wishing you good luck poet
    B regards
    Masudul Hassan

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