Silent Voices Of Love / Poem by Jenayah Hela

Poem by Jenayah Hela
Silent Voices Of Love
Inside me I hear
Those silent voices of love
I still wear darkness like a wing
For my soul to better sing
I see the night as my blessing
I tiptoe on those strings of my heart
To compose this music heard by me
The soft voice keeps yelling
Behind the curtains of my skin
It teases my limbs and bones
Creating those sketches of poetry
The silent voice becomes a painting
That stroke the brush of the sleeping poet in me
I wake up from my slumber
And dance to this soft symphony
Notes wear those voices of love
And write first letters of music
Strumming with the spirit of lullaby
I undress my body and merge within its call
Wherever silence of love will take me
I obey to this loud noise inside me.
Jenayah Hela
Silent voices of love
( copyright 06/02/18)

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