Respect the difference in a united world living in tolerance / Short story by Diana Skrapari

Respect the difference in a united world living in tolerance


Short story by Diana Skrapari

Their names are Aylin and Omar…

The others names are Boris, Wang and Pedro…

And many others names are Rachid and Elia…

These are the sons of our world, the planet earth, but each one has a heavy burden on the shoulder. They live in a world in which they always have eyes filled with tears.

Aylin left with his family in search of life and died on the Mediterranean coast. He was sleeping peacefully in his white paradise away from the war, far from the climax of despair, far from his native country, Syria, where the children have forgotten to laugh. Up there, he is free to be a child and play for the first time as a child in the field of Paradise.

Omar is alive … but his soul is wounded. His family died in front of his eyes. He is sprayed with dust and blood. He does not say anything, but his heart draws a desperate cry that reaches the sky. This voice will reach God’s ears by saying   :

Why I am not entitled to be a child? Why should my body be covered with dust and blood? I do not think it’s time to come to your arms, my Lord?

Boris, he shakes his teeth firmly in his hometown in Siberia. His family was exiled there under Stalin and Boris was born in cooling and frost. He looks at his family and thinks their hearts are frozen by the Siberian cold. How long has passed, but nothing has changed. Russia offers the same decor. Siberia, his family was exiled there; it was cursed to stay there. He dreams of leaving this place, to be somewhere else. He dreams of the sun, he dreams be a child…

But sometimes he feels that his fate is sealed and sits back its wings in the icy Siberia…

Wang was born in Tibet. He does not know either father or mother. They call him Wang, but he knows that his parents have put him another name. He has vague memories of his parents, but his head displayed images of Chinese soldiers who massacred them. He recalled that he was abducted by his mother’s arm that was killed by a Chinese soldier. But he’s alive … They teach him how to kill, how to kill the innocent … They made a terrific soldier! They took everything from him, even his soul was taken, and he is already very ugly…

Pedro was born into a favela in Rio de Janeiro. It was an unwanted child that found in a basket of trash. He saw in his short life misery and sorrow. He is a stray kid, without a family, who has only bitterness and pain in the heart.

He looks at a falling star a night and expresses a wish: I want to be born elsewhere, to live as a human being and to have parents who love me! And his eyes emanate tears of sadness.

They are called Rachid and Elijah. They are the best friends in the world. Rachid is Palestinian and Elia is Israeli. They do not know the war between their people. Elia accompanies Rachid in his prayer and Rachid loves to hear when Elia reads Torah. They live their childhood full of happiness, peace and tolerance. We hope that one day hatred does not blind their eyes and hearts. This world is separated from the differences.

This world rejects all those who are different from the others.

In this world the difference means indifference.

All of these children are suffering because they are different. They are left in their miserable destiny because this world is selfish.

The difference is equal to disbelief.

These children are abandoned, they are condemned by ungrateful eyesight and because they are different from those who do not experience the same suffering.

Difference means hatred.

We hate those who are different from us, who do not have the same religion, color, thoughts, the same beliefs.

Difference is simply division.

Difference means solitude, means isolation.

Open a small window in your hearts and just for a moment think about Aylin, Omar, Boris , Wang, Pedro, Rachid and Elia … Now you feel alive because you have given a meaning to your life, wiping the tears of innocent children all over the world!


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