FOR REAL / Poem by Mandour Saleh Hikel

Poem by Mandour Saleh Hikel



I envy you
For being you
For being able to say 
What you want to say
For being able to do
What you want do
For being able to go
Wherever your heart takes you
And last but not least..
My Lady…
For being able to say
“I love you “
To the one you really do.
I envy you for being you
For being
Your beautiful-Self
For being YOU…
For real
For being
That sweet crazy child
That inspires me
The most beautiful
Things in me
The best I can see
The best I can feel
You inspire me…
So please my lady…
When reading my poem
Forget the poet
You know in me
Take it for real…
And drop me
A few words
Telling me
I am the luckiest one
Whom you really loved
All these years
I am the only one
Whom you really loved

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