Poems by  Aruna Sri Medipally

Poems by  Aruna Sri Medipally



Oh you went away
Wind stopped whispering
Velvet grass blades became blades
Wounded me like thorns
Oh I am sad you went away
Birds not moved from the nest
Sun is hesitating to set
Moon rejected to come out
from the dark clouds
Stars went away far away inside
It is raining heavily to show
the tears of the sky
Oh I am listening your tone
from the long distance
Oh No you were no where
My heart is crying in sad
Oh I am depressed a lot.


My Breath

Oh my students
You are my Smiling
Your smiling is my laughing
Your laughing is creating so many flowers
Flowers are blossoming
Making my journey easy
My journey taking me so many miles
Every mile is becoming a cake walk
Cake walk making me so strong
Strongness making me live long

Oh my darlings you are my elixir
You are my ventilators
I can’t breathe without you
Life with you is a melodious song
I can’t sing without your love
You are my heavenly bliss n bless
No one can substitute you my dear.


Vibrant Colours

Painting a beautiful picture
in vibrant colours
on my heart’s canvas 
with the brush of your love!

©®Aruna Sri Medipally


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